Release Date: 2019-01-01
video Superdrug Beauty Resolutions 2019 | Harry Derbidg Advert 2019 • It’s so easy to slip into bad beauty habits as the months go on, so to make sure you stay on track with all your routines (and hopefully to give you some inspo!) we asked Harry Derbidge to come in and share his seven resolutions.

00:01 hi guys it's Harry Durbridge here an
00:04 iron we've super drug to talk to you
00:06 about New Year's resolutions I have
00:08 picked out seven Beauty resolutions that
00:11 I know you're gonna be able to stick to
00:14 so my first New Year's resolution is
00:17 making sure that I stick to a proper
00:19 skincare routine so I'll be using the
00:21 naturally radiant cleanser my next
00:27 resolution is that I will be adding a
00:29 lot more cruelty free brands into my
00:31 makeup bag next resolution is I will be
00:35 bolder and playing with more color in my
00:38 makeup look so instead of just taking
00:39 one or two colors I'm going to be using
00:42 the whole palette the next resolution
00:47 that I'm going to be sticking to is
00:48 making sure that I stay on top of my
00:50 health so I'm gonna be using some of
00:52 this tea talks to detox and cleanse and
00:55 my whole body
00:57 a really really important resolution
01:00 that I'm going to be sticking to this
01:01 year is making sure that my makeup
01:03 brushes are super super clean because we
01:05 know they work so much better when we
01:07 clean and regulate a really really
01:11 important resolution that I must stick
01:13 to this year is making sure that I
01:15 protect my skin all year on with the
01:17 perfect SPF my final resolution is an
01:22 important one but is to make sure I take
01:25 my makeup off every single night and
01:27 I'll be using the micellar oil to do
01:29 that so they are my seven beauty
01:32 resolutions that I will be sticking to
01:34 in 2019 make sure you subscribe and make
01:38 sure you keep following for more videos
01:40 just like this

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