Release Date: 2018-11-22
video Apple Christmas — Making of “Share Your Gifts” Advert 2018 • See how the team brought Sofia and her world to life.

00:04 this particular set is enormous I love
00:15 the combination of practical sense CG
00:19 characters so you got amazing
00:20 performance from the characters but
00:22 we're still in this really art directed
00:24 environment makes people connect with
00:27 them
00:31 your main story is about a young woman
00:37 who is creative but she never lets her
00:40 creativity get out we're sort of leading
00:42 up to this moment where her dog helps
00:45 her get out of her shell we kind of
00:50 focused on Sophia's MacBook and allowing
00:53 it to show her personality through this
00:55 tool that really empowered her to make
00:58 something wonderful and put it out there
01:04 we're trying to show her weird little
01:06 natural tics to the performance
01:09 so I'm doing
01:11 exploration on her face I'm trying to
01:14 get something that feels real
01:17 [Music]
01:23 like it's an order
01:24 delicious pastries for adults
01:29 feeling good yeah action
01:36 that's just like pong on average if you
01:38 write know how to get to the finish line
01:39 where this is pretty incredible
01:41 it's like tiling a real house the tools
01:46 are a lot tinier
01:53 this stuff could be made in cge when you
01:57 do you're spending more time and more
01:58 effort to make it look like it was
02:00 handmade actually creating the sense by
02:02 hand to get that human quality you feel
02:06 the craft behind it you know things are
02:08 too perfect then you really feel
02:11 and you see the sex all
02:13 that everything's starting to come
02:15 together it gets
02:18 [Music]
02:27 but Barris we understand
02:31 action
02:33 the wire
02:43 [Music]
02:51 you

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