Release Date: 2018-11-01
video Samsung UK | QLED 8K Advert 2018 • 8K resolution and 33 million pixels make for a whole new dimension
of reality.

00:00 [Music]
00:07 samsung q LED a que brings perfect
00:10 reality into your home just as a master
00:13 art restorer revitalizes a paintings
00:15 depth subtle details textures and colors
00:20 [Music]
00:26 the massive screen with over 33 million
00:29 pixels displays truly mesmerizing
00:31 details rich color and profound depth
00:35 launching a new era of resolution four
00:38 times higher than 4k uhd ql e d 8k
00:42 transforms flat images into a deeper
00:44 experience so immersive you'll think
00:48 you're actually there to uncover hidden
00:53 details the expert makes full use of
00:55 modern technologies when restoring a
00:58 masterpiece
00:59 thanks to qHD RAK no matter how bright
01:03 or dark the picture you won't even miss
01:06 the subtle details q LED aks brilliant
01:11 brightness and deep bold contrast reveal
01:14 extraordinarily and realistic images
01:16 just as the director intended
01:18 [Music]
01:25 at its core art restoration is
01:27 rediscovering the original beauty of a
01:30 masterpiece
01:30 similarly with 8k AI upscaling on qle
01:34 dak your favorite content comes to life
01:38 with formulas created through a machine
01:41 learning processing millions of data
01:43 samsung q le dak intelligently analyzes
01:47 the content and recognizes the details
01:50 then each scene is refined into
01:52 incredible 8k perfection with stunning
01:55 detail and depth a master artisans
01:59 creation is fueled by relentless study
02:01 extensive knowledge and countless hours
02:04 of practice quantum processor a K
02:08 integrated with Samsung's superior
02:10 semiconductor technology not only
02:12 intelligently optimizes picture quality
02:14 and sound but also automatically
02:17 recommends content by learning your
02:19 viewing patterns it truly offers a
02:25 viewing experience of your very own turn
02:32 what you love into 8k perfect reality
02:38 [Music]

- Samsung advertsiment spot 2018

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