Release Date: 2020-02-28

About Tommy Hilfiger The Collection I H.E.R. ad

VIDEO Tommy Hilfiger The Collection I H.E.R. TV commercial 2020 • Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton joins forces with award winning recording artist H.E.R. to collaborate on the latest Tommy Hilfiger Capsule Collection TOMMY X LEWIS X H.E.R.. Watch as these icons break gender boundaries and fashion rules, whilst staying true to their identities and core belief that loyalty knows no boundaries.

00:09 this being your fourth collection
00:12 what made you land on this color palette
00:15 I've experienced and learned a lot
00:17 through the journey of the three
00:19 collections are done prior so I really
00:21 wanted to tone it down with this one and
00:23 become a lot more tours being more
00:25 neutral tonal colors and then have that
00:27 pop that you're seeing with the neon
00:29 just denim I just wanted to use denim
00:32 yeah I like how we elevated it and it
00:35 goes with everything I love this jacket
00:36 I'm obsessed with this chair lately I'm
00:39 definitely gonna live in it would you
00:40 love me where did you get this there
00:42 what was the lead it's actually a lyric
00:45 from a song that hasn't even come out
00:47 yet okay um I think these pieces are
00:49 very kind of revealing to our values and
00:52 just our personalities so I felt like it
00:55 was just a perfect phrase would you love
00:57 me you know knowing who I am and would
01:00 you love this jacket you relate to
01:02 loyalty absolutely I mean in love in
01:05 friendships in this journey it's one of
01:08 the most important things just it's a
01:10 key thing doesn't important part for me
01:11 see it's one of your tattoos right yeah
01:13 it's one of my tattoos that I got years
01:15 ago and and so the first collection we
01:18 use Aloha tea and I wanted to bring it
01:20 back into this collection one thing that
01:21 was really important for me was like the
01:23 kind of sketched look like very person
01:25 it makes it personal to me yeah I love
01:27 pops of color which is why I love the
01:30 neon green so much I love color so I
01:32 love taking risks you know one of the
01:34 things I love about Tommy as they use
01:35 those old block colors and I just
01:37 describe my style as urban chic so
01:40 urban street where mixed with kind of
01:43 higher end brands no tomboy tomboy she I
01:47 really wanted to do a jumpsuit and it's
01:49 so crazy to see that like actually happy
01:51 I can't wait to see you wearing it how
01:53 you started yeah yeah you make it pop oh
01:56 wow I love it I'm so happy with how it's
02:00 come out it looks so good in this space
02:01 I know right
02:03 I hope people this has come out so glad
02:07 we change this color yeah
02:09 maybe pop the difference between the
02:11 prototypes to you know the first batch
02:13 that we get these batteries are all in
02:15 different places all the safety pins I
02:17 mean yeah a placement was right right
02:19 here the way that this came together
02:20 with the writing here it's it's amazing
02:23 it's like a dream come true
02:24 even these a patch and it's like yeah
02:27 this with the keys mm-hmm love that it's
02:32 all about the detail Wow look at that
02:36 mm-hmm I think this might be one of my
02:39 favorite pieces this one I have to give
02:41 all credit to you because I don't know a
02:42 lot about mesh this is this is all your
02:44 idea and you loved you killed it you
02:46 gotta put it on yeah no you should put
02:48 it on show jacket
02:53 Oh French make it look great thanks
02:58 [Music] -

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