Release Date: 2020-02-28

About Tommy Hilfiger The Collaboration I TOMMY X LEWIS X H.E.R. ad

VIDEO Tommy Hilfiger The Collaboration I TOMMY X LEWIS X H.E.R. TV commercial 2020 • Lewis Hamilton and H.E.R. come together and discuss their love for fashion and the process of co-creating the TOMMY X LEWIS X H.E.R. Capsule Collection. Discover how they co-created a collection focused on breaking boundaries, staying true to oneself and the importance of loyalty.

00:06 hey you look nice
00:10 and you good good to see you and you
00:13 welcome to London
00:14 thank you okay cool oh this looks so
00:16 good on you so good I know right
00:18 everything turned out like you happy
00:21 with it better than I expected
00:22 yeah I'm so happy you like it I love
00:24 working with you I think we're kind of
00:26 in sync creatively with Tommy's and like
00:29 a dream come true for me growing up
00:31 looking at just so many people wearing
00:33 Tommy and my mom where's Tommy it's kind
00:36 of surreal well you're part of the
00:37 family now
00:38 yeah yeah I feel very special something
00:40 it's really inspiring what you've been
00:43 doing thank you and that's why when I
00:44 was talking to Tommy they're like yo we
00:46 gotta do something with who would you
00:48 like to work with I was like her I love
00:49 I've got to do something with her no way
00:51 you inspire me because you wear so many
00:53 hats I mean the fashion world I went to
00:56 a fashion show and I just fell in love
00:58 with the whole circus you know just all
01:01 these people from different walks of
01:02 life everyone dressed differently
01:04 everyone was so unique III just kind of
01:07 caught the buzz and that's when I kind
01:08 of met Tommy and tell me was as you know
01:11 just is such an incredible human being
01:13 yet she's what's been great is that it
01:15 allowed me to incorporate my DNA my
01:17 ideas and really take it where I want
01:20 and change the colors and just switch it
01:21 yeah and they've been happy with it you
01:24 know what made you get into fashion I
01:25 love fashion I've always loved fashion I
01:28 just found that I had like this unique
01:30 signature thing so I thought why not
01:31 start to create my own pieces and start
01:35 to go into that world that they live in
01:37 surprised of how open you've been and
01:38 then when you came into that room we
01:40 didn't have an ego and you're very
01:41 forthcoming with ideas yeah I'm learning
01:43 you know this is my first time and I'm
01:46 really just grateful so what is your
01:47 vision in terms of inspiring the next
01:48 generation I'm constantly changing you
01:51 know I'm so young I've done so much but
01:53 I just want the next generation to not
01:55 give in to those pressures that we have
01:57 now because of social media and kind of
02:00 getting back to the real and getting
02:01 back to seeing through the filters I
02:03 mean it's kind of a scary thought
02:05 because I never thought that I would be
02:06 in the position
02:07 to be you know inspiring somebody really
02:09 all about positivity and trying to just
02:11 lift people up I like trying to see if I
02:13 can get that message out to people and
02:15 them to embrace their individuality and
02:17 their difference
02:18 I still struggle even with like I'm like
02:21 I don't fit in you know and then at the
02:24 end of feeling that way I remember
02:26 that's why I am Who I am so I can be
02:29 that other people like you said yeah
02:31 definitely never felt like I've Jimmy
02:33 fitted mm-hm
02:34 but I like that that's cool I'm happy
02:36 over there Milan because I'm also
02:37 showing these other kids that just stay
02:39 focused on the goal and which is just in
02:42 front of you and I've got a race right
02:43 in front of me and the thing is I'm
02:44 there to win I'm inspired by you thank
02:46 you so much thank you know for being a
02:48 part of this because it's just been
02:50 incredible and I'm so proud to see you
02:51 wear know the pieces that we've come to
02:53 come together to collaborate oh yeah
02:55 we're winning we are always good we have
02:57 their best charlie win like you Charlie
03:02 [Music] -

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