Release Date: 2019-10-28

About Spotify Join The Band ad

VIDEO Spotify Join The Band TV commercial 2019 • At Spotify, every band member has a different reason for loving what they do. Hear a few of those reasons in their own words.

00:00 I listen to music everyday all day
00:04 obviously is part of my job at work
00:06 should I introduce myself
00:07 for me when I push it's out of my
00:09 comfort zone is when I lend the most the
00:11 best part of my job is the
00:13 unpredictability creativity is all about
00:15 being different and doing it your own
00:16 way
00:20 [Music]
00:22 working at Spotify I've been able to
00:25 meet people all around the world and a
00:27 friendship that has meant the world to
00:29 me if your knowledge that you gained
00:36 being inside the company is so extensive
00:39 so it's been such a cool learning
00:41 experience when you're actually employed
00:43 with a company like this it just makes
00:45 my work so much more exciting
00:47 [Music]
00:49 I love to be creative but I also love to
00:51 crunch numbers modify is a place where I
00:54 can focus on being analytical but also
00:57 focus on being creative I decided to
01:01 make this podcast about being gay in a
01:03 conservative background a lot of my time
01:09 is spent hearing the tracks that are
01:11 coming out that they're already out to
01:13 make sure that I'm able to support
01:14 artists in our playlist in the right way
01:16 I absolutely love collaborating people
01:20 it's so exciting there's cringes that
01:22 sounds you might walk into a room and
01:23 write a song that's gonna change your
01:25 whole career you can reach people that
01:28 you never thought that you would be able
01:30 to reach we feel very privileged I
01:32 wanted to work at a company that was
01:35 emitted to veteran creators to live off
01:38 their work create moods and moments that
01:40 will take their career to new heights
01:42 reaching out to do music is easier than
01:45 ever and Spotify has been such a great
01:47 tool for me to reach my best
01:53 [Music]
01:59 [Music]
02:05 Spotify is a really special place to
02:08 work and there's a real culture and
02:10 family about the place yeah that's what
02:13 I love about Spotify -

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