Release Date: 2020-05-22

About Sony Xperia Hands-on with Chris Barraclough and Xperia 10 II​ ad

VIDEO Sony Xperia Hands-on with Chris Barraclough and Xperia 10 II​ TV commercial 2020 • Get closer to Xperia 10 II with this latest review from Tech Spurt.

For a hassle-free capture and viewing experience, look no further than Xperia 10 II as Chris Barraclough delves further into a new generation of smartphone.​

With a 21:9 Wide 6” OLED display, Xperia 10 II puts immersive viewing in your hands. Enhanced by Sony’s TV expertise and video optimisation technology, enjoy dazzling colours and deeper blacks wherever your entertainment takes you. Not only the perfect hand-fit, but Xperia 10 II also comes with 21:9 multi-window browsing in a 6” display for more time exploring, and less time scrolling. Crafted with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6 from front to back, Xperia 10 II features IP65/68 water resistance for a smartphone that is both durable and beautiful to look at.​

When it comes to expressing your creative side, Xperia 10 II boasts an intuitive triple lens camera with a 16mm ultra-wide-angle lens, 26mm wide-angle lens, and 52mm telephoto lens. For stunning shots in the low light, its dedicated Night mode function delivers exceptional captures – while 4k video recording with SteadyShot technology brings you shake-free video when recording on the move. ​

With a long-lasting battery and Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 665 Mobile Platform, Xperia 10 II brings you all this and more in a smartphone that doesn’t compromise on performance. Embrace worry-free with Xperia 10 II. ​

00:02 hello goddess beeps this is Kristen
00:04 texts Burt and today we're gonna be
00:05 taking a closer look at stories fresh
00:06 new Experian mark to the Xperia 10 marks
00:10 opens a truly immersive and worryfree
00:12 viewing experience thanks that 21 by 9
00:14 wide 6 inch or LED display it uses
00:17 Sony's TV experience to deliver
00:18 beautiful colors and deeper blacks with
00:21 some real video image optimization tech
00:23 it's a great hand fit it's super light
00:26 at 151 grams and despite that spacious
00:29 screen it's super easy to use
00:30 as well thanks to the 21 by 9 multi
00:33 window and the increased browser ability
00:35 is a completely worryfree experience
00:37 with IP 65 68 water resistance
00:40 you got a long-lasting battery adaptive
00:42 charging and Corning Gorilla Glass 6 on
00:44 the front and the back as well for
00:46 impressive durability the Xperia 10 mark
00:49 2 boss the intuitive triple lens camera
00:52 again ultra wide-angle lens a wide-angle
00:53 and a telephoto lens featuring the same
00:56 lens angles as the flagship Xperia 1
00:58 which basically means beautiful photos
01:00 made nice and simple and with the
01:02 dedicated night mode for great low-light
01:04 photos you know it's got 4k video
01:06 records and including that 21 by nine
01:08 format and steady shot for stable videos
01:11 as well the Xperia 10 Mach 2 brings in
01:13 truly immersive and worryfree capture
01:15 and viewing experience Sony's audio
01:18 experience is delivered through high
01:20 resolution audio and high resolution
01:22 audio wireless as well with L DAC and
01:24 you've got 3.5 mm audio jack on there
01:26 too
01:27 you can even upskill your music for
01:29 higher quality with DSC each X the
01:32 digital sound enhancement engine which
01:34 up skills the quality of compressed
01:35 music files so you can really hear that
01:37 high resolution quality by restoring at
01:39 the high range sound now the phone is a
01:42 perfect fit for a hand and very easy to
01:44 use thanks that 21 by 9 multi window and
01:46 increased browsers ability and its
01:48 worryfree as well thanks to the IP 65 68
01:51 water resistance you get a long lasting
01:53 battery in there adaptive charging and a
01:55 nice bit corner Gorilla Glass 6 on the
01:57 front as well as the back
01:59 the 21 by 9 white 6 inch display is
02:02 longer now so you can see more and
02:04 scroll less and it creates 2 windows for
02:06 multitask and when you need it that
02:08 firmly hand fit with the ergonomic
02:10 design and the wit
02:11 long with that side Sense technology
02:12 means that it's super easy to use with
02:15 just the one hand the Xperia 10 Mach 2
02:17 features COCOMs fresh new Snapdragon 665
02:20 mobile platform for super reliable
02:22 performance you've got the latest
02:24 Android 10 on there as well as increased
02:26 memory options and dual SIM card support
02:28 and there you have it a close look at
02:31 Sony's fresh new Experion mach 2 smart
02:33 on a worry-free experience grit for
02:35 absolutely everyone from media streamers
02:37 with cost-effective gorgeous at 6 inch
02:38 or LED display to your photographers
02:40 thanks to that flexible triple lens
02:42 camera setup the Xperia 10lakhs who will
02:44 be available to pre-order really soon
02:46 saw to order it or to just find out more
02:48 check out the Sony website
03:00 you
03:08 you -

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