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Progressive Shower Sessions | Duckwrth | Interview: Dragons & Poodles ad 2022

Watch Progressive Shower Sessions | Duckwrth | Interview: Dragons & Poodles TV spot ad 2020

VIDEO Progressive Shower Sessions | Duckwrth | Interview: Dragons & Poodles TV commercial 2020 • West coast rapper and songwriter Duckwrth was born in 1988, the year of the dragon, and he identifies as one. He tells Grammy winner St. Vincent that dragons are either spitting fire or chilling, and in this interview he’s chilling in the tub.

00:04 I guess the rebellious part--
00:05 Yeah, there it is.
00:06 --I get and stuff like that. I'm finding it.
00:08 Well, I don't know.
00:09 I identify as a dragon, so maybe that's why.
00:13 What is-- Tell me about that.
00:14 I was born in '88.
00:16 ST. VINCENT: Is that the Year of the Dragon?
00:18 But it's like, I really am like a dragon now.
00:20 ST. VINCENT: But what are the properties of a dragon?
00:23 They're grand, but they're chill.
00:25 Like, you know,
00:26 like, you only have to spit fire when you need to.
00:28 But other than that, they just kind of stay--
00:30 either they're in the sky or, they're like, resting somewhere.
00:33 But they're very, like, grand, like, people.
00:36 And there's like--
00:36 I felt this grandness and this great energy
00:40 ever since I was little.
00:41 And when I was younger, I felt weird, like, as hell.
00:44 I never really fit in, you know?
00:45 But as I got older,
00:47 and I went into music, I was like,
00:48 "Oh, this is the perfect place to put this grandness.
00:50 "This is either into music or it's on the stage", you know?
00:53 But it gave me a place to put it.
00:54 Because if I didn't have a place to put it,
00:56 I'd just feel really awkward just walking around--
00:58 - 100% - --with this.
00:59 - So-- - 100%.
01:01 - I'm a dragon. - You're a dragon.
01:02 I'm a dragon.
01:03 I was born on the Year of the Dog.
01:06 There's nothing wrong with that.
01:08 You're not a rooster, you know?
01:10 So there you go.
01:11 No diss to anybody who is a rooster and stuff like that.
01:13 But dogs are cool.
01:14 Dogs are loyal.
01:15 -And we can be friends. - Yeah.
01:17 You know?
01:18 Makes sense.
01:20 Yeah, I think if I was a dog I would be a poodle, though.
01:22 Yeah?
01:23 Yeah, I naturally have very curly hair.
01:25 Truth.
01:26 Would you be like, a groomed poodle?
01:29 I-- honestly, probably.
01:32 Yeah?
01:33 Yeah, I mean, I say with--
01:35 friends have said like, "Oh, you'd be a poodle."
01:39 You'd be a poodle, for sure.
01:40 Which, I mean, it's one of those things
01:43 that I can't tell if it's a compliment or not.
01:45 I kind of think not really.
01:47 No, why?
01:48 Because there's a prissiness that I feel like they're--
01:51 they're calling me prissy. That's fine.
01:53 Got you. Got you.
01:54 It's fine.
01:54 I'm just in a negligee-- in a grand robe in a bathroom.
01:57 I don't know what they're talking about.
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