Release Date: 2020-06-01

About Porsche The Soul Journey – Day 4: Endurance ad

VIDEO Porsche The Soul Journey – Day 4: Endurance TV commercial 2020 • This time it’s beyond the road. Literally. In episode 4 of the 5-episode Soul Journey, watch legendary racecar driver Jacky Ickx in his iconic 959 and Mark Webber take on the sand dunes in one exhilarating drive.

00:01 [Music]
00:16 so
00:17 aseal has sent me here and i'm in the
00:19 middle of the saudi arabia desert
00:30 [Music]
00:36 [Music]
00:38 so you made it i made it look at this
00:41 baby last time i saw this in the museum
00:44 the last time i saw it it was i think
00:46 roughly 35 years ago
00:49 [Music]
00:51 you know when you drive such a car as
00:54 the 959
00:55 35 years afterwards and you see all the
00:59 dunes around
01:00 it's hard to resist of course when we
01:03 started
01:04 in 1984 it was the first four wheel
01:07 drive transmission for
01:08 porsche porsche won two times within
01:11 three years
01:12 the paridakar as every time when porsche
01:15 does something
01:16 it's always a piece of art and
01:18 technically it's almost unbeatable
01:20 that's right i've worked with a few
01:21 manufacturers as you have done but i
01:23 must say when i
01:24 sampled the 919 for the first time the
01:26 innovation
01:27 that's what i love about i mean porsche
01:28 they're so brave to do something
01:30 different aren't they i mean the
01:31 the 959 was different for porsche it's
01:34 not only about racing
01:35 the goal is always engineering exactly
01:38 and
01:39 just quickly looking at the thai khan
01:40 the first time i test drove that car
01:42 on the race track the briefing was
01:44 typical porsche again
01:46 drive it flat out on the race track as
01:48 hard as you can of course this is a
01:49 street car but they've never shied away
01:51 from the race track and performing
01:53 the the hardest tasks and and jumping
01:55 the highest hurdles
01:56 to get on top of that technology so i
01:58 think just quickly that's interesting to
02:00 to work out how the engineers just love
02:03 pushing their boundaries and they need
02:04 us good guys don't they
02:05 they need the good guys to test products
02:06 their products but you are at the end of
02:09 the chain
02:10 the chain the last part they are opening
02:12 a new pad
02:13 into the porsche history with the taikan
02:16 and it looks superb and i believe you
02:19 when they say
02:20 go flat out with it it can go flat out
02:23 because the performances are really
02:25 incredible well jackie
02:27 enough of talking about how great we
02:28 were or how great you were and how
02:30 rubbish i was
02:32 i cannot wait to get into the dunes
02:41 [Music]
02:45 it's a special technique
02:57 [Applause]
02:57 [Music]
03:01 what a special day here in the dunes we
03:03 had two legends the 959
03:05 and jackie x i got a master class of the
03:08 legend himself driving the new cayenne
03:10 kupe
03:11 so as far as i was concerned that was a
03:14 special day
03:22 you -

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