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About Porsche The 911 Targa – the timeline of a Porsche legend ad

VIDEO Porsche The 911 Targa – the timeline of a Porsche legend TV commercial 2020 • Public debate about the safety of open-top automobiles in the US gave the engineers around studio head Ferdinand Alexander Porsche an extraordinary idea: open-top driving with maximum cabin safety. The Porsche 911 with the Targa roll bar became the first series safety-convertible in the world in 1967. Continuous refinement of its roof and body make the Targa concept as fascinating today as it was back then.

00:00 the 911 targa still a style icon today
00:04 its unique design emerged from a special
00:06 set of circumstances
00:09 in the early 1960s a discussion about
00:11 inadequate safety features in
00:12 convertibles was underway in the united
00:14 states
00:15 a ban on the sale of convertibles was
00:17 considered so porsha developed a new
00:19 body type under the direction of
00:21 ferdinand alexander porsche
00:23 inspired by motorsport the car was given
00:25 a roll bar
00:27 other new features included a roof
00:29 section that could be taken out and
00:30 stowed in the trunk
00:32 as well as a fabric top in the back that
00:34 continued the silhouette of the 911
00:36 coupe
00:36 all that was missing was a name when i
00:39 came here
00:42 oh my
00:58 the first series models rolled out of
01:00 the planet in zuffenhausen in early 1967
01:03 the targa found fervent admirers from
01:05 the ward go more than a quarter of all
01:07 first generation porsche 911s were
01:09 delivered with a silver roll bar
01:11 in addition to the folding window it was
01:13 fitted with a pane of heatable glass
01:15 at the 1969 iaa porsche debuted the 914
01:19 paving the way for the final
01:20 breakthrough of the targaru
01:23 the 911 s 2.2 targa of 1970 appeared in
01:27 the popular 911 design
01:29 it featured a 180 hp 6-cylinder boxer
01:33 engine
01:34 and reached a top speed of 230
01:36 kilometers per hour
01:37 with minimal turbulence in the cockpit
01:40 ultimately the top of the range 911
01:42 turbo came with the target roof
01:44 in 1995 the fourth generation of the
01:47 targa was fitted with a multi-section
01:49 fully electric panoramic roof made of
01:51 safety glass
01:52 which made the roll bar unnecessary the
01:54 roll bar made its comeback in the 2014
01:56 target
01:57 and with it cutting edge roof technology
02:00 it opened in a swift 19 seconds
02:02 [Applause]
02:02 [Music]
02:04 the first safety convertible became one
02:06 of the most beautiful sports cars in the
02:08 world
02:09 a beauty from the get-go -

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