Release Date: 2019-07-18

About Porsche 9:11 Magazine Episode 12: R Group ad

VIDEO Porsche 9:11 Magazine Episode 12: R Group TV commercial 2019 • "Chapter 3—R Group: the craziest clique in the USA

If you drive a historical Porsche in rough wind and weather, you can only be a member of the R Gruppe. Its main rule is “there are no rules.” Many people want to join, but not every Porsche enthusiast can become a member. “The R Gruppe is a close-knit group. Everyone has to be active. If you don’t join in, you’re out,” says founder Cris Huergas. The welded bonds of the R Gruppe last for lifetimes.

00:02 we are called the our group
00:06 we don't live by anyone else's rules for
00:10 20 years we've been making our 911s our
00:13 own
00:16 [Music]
00:26 faster meaner louder my name is Chris
00:33 Vargas
00:34 I'm the co-founder and president of
00:37 apartment there's a bunch of cool guys
00:40 they all just want to get together kick
00:42 tires you know was up was driving and
00:45 that fun but it pretty last oh you're
00:48 not getting in this club my father
00:52 actually got me into it I grew up in the
00:55 back of 911s and he goes you ought to go
00:57 fast
00:57 I said yeah so he just pulls it up and
01:00 were gone I was pumped and I said how
01:02 fast did we go he goes a hundred and
01:04 forty teen and don't tell your mom it
01:08 doesn't have traction control it doesn't
01:10 have cruise control it doesn't have air
01:12 conditioning but it's fun the car talks
01:15 to you after a while it became so
01:18 popular 300 members worldwide and then
01:21 everybody you know 20 thousand people
01:23 want to be a member
01:24 these guys are building cars they're
01:26 driving them hard they're making
01:27 adjustments to their cars in addition to
01:29 their cars that make the car go faster
01:31 around the track and that's the ultimate
01:33 goal
01:33 my name is Rick Spinelli and I Drive a
01:36 912 1969
01:37 these cars are digging under your skin
01:40 and you don't drive them slow it is when
01:42 I go
01:44 I am the youngest member in our group
01:46 and I am 14 years old they're fast
01:48 they're good-looking and they sound
01:50 amazing
01:51 [Music]
01:53 I always tell people the videos behind
01:56 it's all about the cars and the people
01:58 our group is not just a car club it's a
02:01 brotherhood
02:02 [Music]

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