Release Date: 2020-03-26

About PlayStation SnowRunner - Explore. Gear Up. Achieve. | PS4 ad

VIDEO PlayStation SnowRunner - Explore. Gear Up. Achieve. | PS4 TV commercial 2020 • Conquer the Wilderness, and explore an unforgiving open world to grow and upgrade a garage of 40+ vehicles!

SnowRunner arrives April 28th on PlayStation 4. With a huge garage of vehicles to unlock, upgrade, and customize, it’s a veritable trucking RPG-worth of open-world driving, challenging missions, and true-to-life physics simulation. Check out today’s new trailer and see everything in store when you jump into the driver’s seat next month :

• Hours upon hours of open-world trucking and progression to look forward to.
• Earn money and XP to improve your vehicles and get the job done.
• Explore the untamed wilderness in search for unique trucks and add-ons

SnowRunner arrives April 28th on PlayStation 4.

00:00 welcome to the next-gen off-road
00:03 experience in snow runner you and your
00:06 friends will be taking a journey across
00:08 wild and uncharted territory join us as
00:12 we explore snow runners open worlds
00:15 missions garage customization and
00:18 progression mechanics
00:20 [Music]
00:21 the snow runner world is massive
00:24 spanning multiple maps and three
00:26 different regions across America and
00:27 Russia there are over 30 square
00:30 kilometers of hostile lands to chart
00:32 more than three times larger than the
00:35 previous games in the franchise history
00:37 each map is filled to the brim with a
00:40 variety of contracts activities and
00:42 hidden secrets to discover the sandbox
00:45 focused missions are designed to give
00:47 you total freedom when choosing how to
00:49 complete them in the order that you want
00:52 contracts could include delivering heavy
00:55 materials to a construction site or
00:56 reaching the peak of a treacherous
00:58 mountaintop there are no waypoints to
01:02 follow and no preset paths to take so
01:05 the method and the execution are
01:07 completely up to you you will have to
01:09 pick the most adapted vehicles and gear
01:12 up if you want to succeed in your
01:13 missions the truck store has a huge
01:17 number of vehicles available to you from
01:20 nimble Scout vehicles that can reach any
01:22 destination too heavy ten wheelers that
01:24 can carry any load choose wisely build
01:28 up your own fleet from the forty various
01:30 vehicles and brands available with
01:33 several engine options gearbox settings
01:37 suspension Heights tire types and sizes
01:40 and more you'll find plenty of ways you
01:43 can tune your vehicle for any situation
01:46 this includes adding a snorkel to
01:49 challenge water rapids or modifying a
01:52 rear-wheel drive vehicle to go all-wheel
01:54 drive for better off-road strength
01:57 purchasing upgrades won't be the only
02:00 way you can power up your vehicle
02:02 throughout the world there will be
02:04 hidden vehicles and upgrades you can
02:05 discover
02:06 in addition to all your vehicle
02:08 customization add-ons and trailers can
02:11 be fitted to your vehicle to match any
02:12 situation
02:13 a fuel tank can be bought for
02:15 long-distance journeys while a
02:16 telescopic crane can net you a hefty
02:18 bonus for packing the haul yourself
02:23 as you travel the world in complete
02:26 contracts you'll discover new regions
02:28 new landmarks and key places that will
02:31 help you in your journey like
02:32 watchtowers unveiling new portions of
02:34 the map gas stations for the long-haul
02:36 garages for upgrades and more bridges
02:39 can be constructed and roads can be
02:41 cleared giving you even more ways to
02:43 tackle your missions your decisions and
02:47 actions will directly impact and modify
02:49 the environment around you and the way
02:51 you'll explore the lands eventually you
02:53 will reach the endgame contracts these
02:56 lucrative contracts can take you across
02:58 an entire region spanning multiple Maps
03:01 so careful planning and preparation is
03:03 paramount each of these can be braved
03:05 alone or in cooperative multiplayer
03:10 conquer the wilderness when snow runner
03:12 releases on April 28 on PlayStation 4
03:16 [Music] -

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