Release Date: 2020-10-16

About PlayStation Cyberpunk 2077 - Riders of the Dark Future | PS4 ad

VIDEO PlayStation Cyberpunk 2077 - Riders of the Dark Future | PS4 TV commercial 2020 • Gearhead or not, hope you'll get your engine revved up for the vehicles you'll see in Cyberpunk 2077. Enjoy the ride!

Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to PlayStation 4 on November 19th, 2020. The game will also be playable on PlayStation 5 console when available.

00:09 Rides of the Dark Future
00:13 In a huge open world like Night City
00:16 you need a chill ride to get around fast.
00:21 And in Cyberpunk 2077, there are tons of cool vehicles to choose from.
00:25 Get this, four liter engine, six-cylinder,
00:28 goes from zero to a hundred in three point two seconds.
00:30 You fucking believe that?
00:37 We’ve crafted every car and motorbike with amazing attention to detail...
00:41 ...on the chassis, the body, not to mention the interiors.
00:46 You can expect every one not only to look unique,
00:49 but to deliver a unique driving experience.
00:54 All right. Show me what you got.
00:58 Don’t expect advanced tech or luxurious materials here. Nuh-uh.
01:03 Yeah.... It's not the size that counts, I guess.
01:08 This class is mostly utility vehicles and low-end clunkers made for every pocket.
01:14 Hold on, hold on... it's a wreck.
01:16 Mhm. My damn wreck.
01:18 Well, definitely no guy or girl magnet...
01:24 If you need to impress, look to this class alone.
01:30 I'm puttin' my ride on the line.
01:32 Either you match it in cash, or you can forget about the fight.
01:39 With these wheels, no expense has been spared, no frill ignored,
01:42 their plush interiors decked out in all the latest tech.
01:45 While you get to sit back and enjoy the ride.
01:50 Masterful engineering and practical design...
01:53 Trucks and tanks for when you need power and brute force.
01:58 Helluva machine.
02:00 Meet Beast – my pride and joy.
02:04 And these monsters are literally unstoppable.
02:10 These are for chooms who love the smell of exhaust and the roar of street wildlife.
02:14 Their powerful engines and exchangeable parts make them perfect for tuning.
02:19 C'mon! I wanna smell that CHOOH2 burn!
02:28 Whether it's street racin', runnin' from the NCPD or just showin' off in the streets,
02:33 with these high powered beasts, you will have ONLY respect.
02:38 Oh yeah, I like that!
02:42 If you need speed and armor, the hypercar class is for you.
02:45 it means precise bodywork, built-in lidar arrays and really expensive materials.
02:51 Imagine you're sitting on a pile o' eddies.
02:53 Probably less than a thousand people in the world can afford the Aerondight.
02:58 Not your typical urban vehicle.
03:02 They will take you places you never dreamed you'd go.
03:06 Oh, and original vehicles are not all you'll find in 2077.
03:10 We also found room on our roster for some true automotive icons.
03:15 Floor it, V. -

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