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Target Suja - Refuel with cold-pressed Suja juice Commercial

Realtor Dream Home Catcher Commercial

Best Buy One-Upper Couple Commercial

Bloomingdales Fall In Love: The Registry Commercial

Duracell Ear Hair Commercial

Wayfair I Can’t Explain It - 70% OFF on our best-sellers - People dancing Commercial

Progressive Career Day - The box talking at school - paperless multi-car and safe driver Commercial

Duracell New Mom - Never Trust a Battery to do a Duracell Job Commercial

TurboTax Humpty Fall - Humpty Dumpty - get distracted by their mobile phones Commercial

TurboTax DJ Khaled's House - Relax, There's TurboTax Commercial

Bayer How does popcorn pop? Commercial

Warby Parker Advanced Reading Positions Commercial

Chicco Stack Highchair Commercial

State Farm The tornado There Is A Twister - Here to help life go right Commercial

Sleep Number Is There An Elk In Your Bed? - The husband who rocks like an Elk Commercial

H&R Block Song - Block almost wrote a song about getting money without waiting Commercial

H&R Block Snack - Food videos can make you hungry - good news to snack on Commercial

H&R Block Album - Technology lets you skip right to song you want Commercial

H&R Block Boil - Waiting for water to boil is frustrating Commercial

H&R Block Patience - Pareting requires patience Commercial

H&R Block Not Cheap - Kids aren't cheap Commercial

H&R Block Sooner - Money sooner or money later Commercial

H&R Block Having Money - Way better than waiting for money Commercial

Home Instead 24 hours care hospice services - The old man looking for to eat in the fridge Commercial

Home Instead Personal in-home care 24-hour care Commercial

Century 21 Good Luck, Robots - no hay robot para las ideas Commercial

Swiffer Sweep + Vac - Cleaning Wood Floors is a Breeze Commercial

Swiffer Sweeper X-Large - Bigger Hardwood Floor Cleaning Commercial

Red Wing Shoes Presents: Use Care in Your Work Commercial

Discover Good Boy Discover Credit Scorecard Commercial

Warby Parker Low Bridge Fit options for men Commercial

Tommy John Kevin Hart Questions Your Underwear Commercial

1-800-Contacts Easiest Way to Never Run Out of Contacts Commercial

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