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The Best Technology TV Commercials ads Great Idea: BF Goodrich & Free Shipping Commercial

Toro Days - Take Spring By the Horns Commercial

Zerorez Nothing More Important: $33 per Room Commercial

CBB Bank I am Your Banker Commercial

AAA Insurance Safety: Half Off Memberships Commercial

Mercury Insurance Here to Help Commercial

Maytag Extra Power Button - On/Off: $700 Rebate Featuring Colin Ferguson Commercial

Maytag Month - Trade Your Scrubber: $700 Rebate Commercial

Zerorez Zr Shield Commercial

BEHR Paint Let's Stain: Target Practice Commercial

Wagner Paint Do It Yourself Commercial

Digit Stressing About Money? Commercial

Sinclair Oil Corporation Stay Home Commercial

Camping World Outdoors is Calling Commercial

Progressive WFH: Role Play Commercial

Progressive WFH: Tech Issues Commercial

Dick's Sporting Goods getting in shape Commercial

Dick's Sporting Goods keep your physical condition Commercial

Mercury Insurance cutting hair Commercial

Digit Take control of your finances Commercial

Digit Avoid overdraft fees Commercial

Mercury Insurance The couple looking for the money Commercial

Digit we just prevented on overdraft! Commercial

Dick's Sporting Goods keeping the shape Commercial

Mercury Insurance the couple looking on the sofa Commercial

Mercury Insurance The search for money Commercial

Dick's Sporting Goods Make the most of today's weather Commercial

Mercury Insurance The money from the sofa Commercial

Mercury Insurance her son's haircut Commercial

Digit pay your debts fast Commercial

Mercury Insurance the hair cut Commercial

Mercury Insurance the mother cut our hair Commercial

Mercury Insurance The Cheapskates Commercial

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