Release Date: 2020-03-26

About Nintendo Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition - Nintendo Direct Mini 3.26.20 ad

VIDEO Nintendo Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition - Nintendo Direct Mini 3.26.20 TV commercial 2020 • Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition arrives on 5/29! Experience this modern classic with updated graphics, improved battle HUD and menus, more than 90 remastered music tracks, and an all-new epilogue story with Melia and Shulk in Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected.

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00:03 long ago - great Titans came into
00:08 existence the bionis and the mechonis
00:13 the Titans were locked in a timeless
00:17 battle and at last only their lifeless
00:26 corpses remained
00:36 huh in the sky
00:43 nikhat commends the assault on biology
00:50 it's the only sword that's effective
00:53 against the Necronomicon unlock the man
00:57 and his power it's my turn so no it'll
01:01 tell you joke there was something
01:07 strange
01:08 it was as if I could see into the future
01:15 I know you won't believe this but soap
01:17 considered
01:19 I didn't know you could do that it's not
01:22 me it's the power of the Minard Oh
01:26 so it begins the resurrection of the
01:29 bionis were you
01:35 the future I see it isn't set
01:39 so I can use this power to change the
01:42 future and that's exactly what I intend
01:44 to do
01:46 Becca
01:48 [Music]
01:49 it's not over the people bionis will
01:53 never let you triumph
01:55 [Music]
02:01 [Music]
02:25 if the capital is on the shoulder there
02:28 are people there
02:31 I thought you'd want to go
02:33 [Music]
02:36 you
02:42 the ultimate version of a modern classic
02:46 xenoblade chronicles definitive edition
02:48 on nintendo switch the game looks better
02:51 and placed smoother than ever before
02:55 the battle HUD and menu screens are easy
02:57 to read and easy to use
03:02 [Music]
03:03 and some of the music has been
03:05 re-recorded now you can fully immerse in
03:09 the majesty of this vast world
03:11 [Music]
03:13 and a new epilogue a new story future
03:17 connected and cap-off the main game so
03:19 if you've played and loved the original
03:21 game you cannot only revisit it but look
03:24 forward to one more adventure with shulk
03:27 will probably be needing this
03:30 Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition
03:32 launches on May 29th and you can
03:34 pre-purchase the game starting today
03:36 also coming on may 29th the xenoblade
03:39 chronicles definitive works set we pack
03:42 in a 250 page art book -

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