Release Date: 2020-03-26

About Nintendo BRAVELY DEFAULT II - Nintendo Direct Mini 3.26.20 ad

VIDEO Nintendo BRAVELY DEFAULT II - Nintendo Direct Mini 3.26.20 TV commercial 2020 • Four new Heroes of Light embark on a grand and glorious mission guided by the elemental crystals in BRAVELY DEFAULT II. A free demo is available now!

00:03 where where am I can't believe I
00:09 survived
00:12 [Music]
00:24 fire water wind earth nature's masters
00:31 the great stones power exceeds the hand
00:33 of man
00:34 and if Unleashed would bring down death
00:37 disaster calamity and blight upon the
00:41 land
00:42 [Music]
00:43 heroes of light
00:45 may the crystals guide you
00:48 [Music]
00:50 this is the crystals blessing bouche
00:53 where the details don't ceremony either
00:56 if I've helped even one person then I've
01:00 done the right thing
01:01 [Music]
01:08 this tale unfolds on the continent of
01:11 excellent home to five mighty kingdoms
01:15 the saga begins when our hero Seth a
01:18 young sailor washes up on the shores of
01:21 one such Kingdom
01:23 well at least I'm alive here he meets
01:27 Gloria of moosa' a princess who was
01:30 forced to flee her Kingdom when it was
01:32 destroyed by evil forces bent on
01:34 stealing its crystals you dare claim the
01:38 crystals you do not know their worth
01:41 he also encounters two travelers
01:44 determined to decipher a mysterious and
01:46 magical book elvis and adele have a
01:50 certain special book to be deciphering
01:52 we're not friends or anything I'm just
01:55 here because he hired me as if guided by
02:00 fate our heroes joined forces and set
02:03 off together on a grand mission each
02:06 filled with a sense of purpose but there
02:09 will be those who stand in their way
02:12 those who have gotten hold of special
02:14 items known as asterisks these stones
02:17 allow their holders to take on jobs such
02:20 as thief or Black Mage becoming
02:23 infinitely more powerful in the process
02:25 [Music]
02:27 okay
02:28 let's do this
02:30 I shall steal it all every lost treasure
02:34 in the empire during battle you must
02:38 decide when to use brave points or BP
02:41 the lifeblood of the game's turn-based
02:43 system the key to victory lies in
02:45 knowing when to use the brave and
02:47 default commands choose brave to spend
02:51 VP in order to allow characters to
02:53 perform additional actions choose
03:00 default to order a character to bar
03:02 reclaiming a BP in the process
03:07 [Music]
03:09 strategically hold back or take multiple
03:12 actions in one turn to make the right
03:15 choice you must consider your
03:17 character's roles and statuses at all
03:19 times should you manage to fell an
03:22 asterisk older you will acquire their
03:25 asterisk allowing you to take on the
03:27 associated job jobs can be combined at
03:32 will greatly expanding your strategic
03:34 options and influencing the development
03:36 of your characters now for a little
03:43 announcement a demo version of the game
03:46 will launch today
03:49 and in the near future we'll conduct a
03:51 survey to gather feedback and
03:53 incorporate what we can as we finalize
03:56 the game
03:57 we hope you'll participate
03:59 [Music]
04:02 the latest entry and square annexes
04:05 beloved series bravely default to will
04:08 release this year -

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