Release Date: 2019-08-20

About Netflix The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Returning to Thra ad

VIDEO Netflix The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Returning to Thra TV commercial 2019 • It's time to return to Thra. Watch the cast and creators discuss
returning to Jim Henson's creation almost 40 years later and getting the chance to expand and enrich this already beloved world.

From the Jim Henson Company and visionary director Louis Leterrier, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance premieres August 30.

00:02 Deet...
00:03 all Thra is at risk.
00:07 The Darkening corrupts everything it touches.
00:12 I saw Dark Crystal
00:13 in the same theater that I watched Star Wars,
00:16 and Raiders of the Lost Ark, and ET.
00:18 I just remember it being quite an overwhelming experience.
00:21 Another one of those movies where you come out
00:23 of the cinema slightly changed.
00:25 It's such an incredibly all-encompassing,
00:27 vivid world, on a level with Middle-earth,
00:30 or Pandora, or Westeros.
00:34 Dark Crystal does mean a lot to so many people.
00:37 It is a rare film
00:39 that has an entirely original fantasy world.
00:42 That's one of the reasons we wanted to go back there.
00:45 The series is a prequel.
00:47 It starts in the time
00:48 when the Gelfling had a rich and prosperous civilization.
00:52 All hail the Lords of the Crystal!
00:57 All hail the Skeksis!
01:01 We're meeting these characters
01:02 right at the peak of the Skeksis' power.
01:04 They look up to the Skeksis.
01:06 The Skeksis are these benevolent leaders.
01:08 They are the Lords of the Crystal,
01:10 and our show is the moment the Gelflings start to say,
01:12 "Maybe they aren't so great."
01:14 Lord of Crystal!
01:15 Rian is the son of the Captain of the Guard.
01:19 He witnesses something horrific.
01:22 The Skeksis are the real traitors.
01:24 They lied to us about everything.
01:26 He has to go on this quest to set things right
01:29 and make everyone aware of what's really going on.
01:31 Rian has escaped with proof of our dark deeds.
01:35 Bring him and the treasure he stole from us
01:38 back to the castle.
01:39 I was taken aback. I was just sideswiped
01:42 by the scale, and majesty, and artistry of it.
01:45 I think you'll get a sense of that.
01:46 You'll get a sense of a big, eclectic world.
01:49 Our world is dying.
01:52 We all have a part to play in restoring the balance
01:56 and defeating the Skeksis!
01:58 What fans of the Dark Crystal want is an odyssey,
02:00 they want a saga.
02:01 They want something to enrich the universe
02:05 of the original film. That's what this series does.
02:07 You could put them side by side
02:09 and it's the same world,
02:10 but there's just so much more of it to explore.

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