Release Date: 2019-07-14

About Netflix Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler’s Best Lines | Murder Mystery ad

VIDEO Netflix Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler’s Best Lines | Murder Mystery TV commercial 2019 • Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are an iconic comedy duo! Check out the best moments from Murder Mystery.

00:02 Oh, excuse me.
00:04 Hello, hello. Hi.
00:05 Could I please have some earplugs?
00:08 Yes.
00:09 For nine dollars.
00:11 Nine dollars? For earplugs?
00:14 Yes.
00:14 That's okay. I'll just...
00:17 I'll just use my peanuts.
00:22 What's up, fools?
00:23 Okay, we solved the case. Boom.
00:25 Sir, if you don't return to your seat, I'm gonna have to call...
00:28 The cops.
00:29 So that's my wife talking to that handsome guy over there with the one chin.
00:34 So I'm gonna go break that shit up,
00:36 possibly grab myself a beer,
00:38 maybe you a Xanax.
00:39 So pretty.
00:40 Very pretty.
00:41 She's that kind of pretty that you don't really know what country she's from.
00:45 I mean, I can't tell. Can you tell?
00:47 Japan.
00:48 Ah, yes, yes. You see? See?
00:50 She can hear you.
00:51 She's not a...she's not on television right now.
00:53 You're watching a real person.
00:54 Shhh!
00:55 They have a chef.
00:56 They have a chef.
00:57 His name is Maurice. Maurice?
00:59 Maurice, yes.
01:00 Maurice.
01:01 "Some people call me Maurice."
01:04 Remember that one?
01:06 That is the Quince dagger.
01:09 Chinese steel, jewels from across the Orient.
01:13 A gift to the family from Marco Polo, or so the legend says.
01:17 God.
01:18 Nick's grandmother gave us a toaster from Sears.
01:21 So the legend says.
01:23 Has anybody tried to revive him?
01:25 He's got a knife plunged in his heart I don't think he's revivable.
01:28 Should we pull it out?
01:29 No, it's a foot long knife.
01:30 It's just like pulling a-
01:37 You should have left the knife in for the po-po, Colonel, man!
01:40 I'll put it back.
01:40 Don't put it back!
01:45 I will now summon you one by one to the grand lounge for questioning.
01:55 Why is that smoke ring so good? How did he do that?
02:00 Oh, you broke it. You broke it.
02:02 Damn!
02:07 What are you doing?
02:08 It's a weapon.
02:09 That's a lamp.
02:11 Not when I crack someone over the head with it.
02:13 Will you stop questioning everything I do?
02:14 Well, everything you do is questionable!
02:16 Was I supposed to bring a gun?
02:17 Oh, I doubt it's even loaded.
02:19 That's Colonel Charles Ulenga of the Namibian Defense Force.
02:22 Malcolm's best friend. He saved his life from a bombing attempt in '94.
02:26 That's where he lost his eye and his...
02:28 And his dick? Did he lose his dick?
02:30 Honey, why?
02:31 Well, I thought that maybe it was his dick.
02:33 This is incredible!
02:34 This is a fantasy for everybody!
02:36 How does it open?
02:37 Underneath!
02:38 Pull! Pull! Come on!
02:39 Oh, my God...
02:41 What the...
02:43 Are you kidding me?
02:44 I'm so sorry! I don't know what to say!
02:45 Go, go, go!

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