Release Date: 2019-10-15

About Mattress Firm Talking Sleep with Simone Biles ad

VIDEO Mattress Firm Talking Sleep with Simone Biles TV commercial 2019 • Want to learn how to sleep like a champion? See how Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles balances her hectic training schedule with her sleep schedule.

00:00 oh goodness right now it's like the
00:12 number one thing besides my eating
00:14 habits and I'm always looking forward to
00:16 sleep I actually love sleep which is
00:18 very strange because if you were to
00:20 asked me four years ago I would have
00:23 hated taking naps like to me sleepless
00:25 nothing I could stay up til 1:00 and
00:27 have practice at eight or nine and I'd
00:28 be fine and now if it's starting to
00:31 creep around nine o'clock ten o'clock
00:33 I'm like good luck I start like
00:35 panicking and I have anxiety and I was
00:37 like I need to go to bed it's my bedtime
00:38 I put a lot of thought into my bedroom
00:43 and making it like glam but cute and
00:46 comfy just because that's one of my
00:48 favorite places in the house anybody
00:51 that ever comes to my room or feels my
00:53 bed or lays on my bed they just they
00:55 always say it's their favorite so
00:57 sometimes my friends will come over just
00:58 to take a nap
01:00 [Music]
01:03 I don't know sometimes I get a little
01:05 bit cranky or Moody like I think you can
01:08 tell I get a little bit delirious if I
01:11 don't get a good night's sleep one time
01:13 I walked into the gym and I've had the
01:14 same combination code for my locker for
01:18 like four or five years and every day I
01:20 just go do it and I forgot it
01:23 I completely forgot it and usually the
01:25 little girls forget it and they have to
01:26 go to the front office and ask and I had
01:28 to go to the front office and ask and
01:30 it's literally the same two numbers
01:34 I am a very vivid dreamer I remember all
01:37 my dreams which is kind of crazy think
01:39 that's beer because all week guys and
01:41 I'm like I have to tell you my dream and
01:42 they're like you're really good at
01:44 remembering your dreams but I usually do
01:47 which is kind of weird too I can
01:49 remember it all day long if I'm doing
01:51 something and I forgot it then somebody
01:53 says something like that was in my dream
01:55 and I'll remember it yes so after like a
02:00 long travel or a vacation I can't wait
02:03 to sleep in my own bed because
02:05 everybody's own bed is there a favorite
02:07 place I feel like so coming home from
02:10 those long trips or doing anything else
02:12 you're sleeping in somebody else's bed
02:14 it's just nothing like sleeping in your
02:15 own bed
02:17 [Music]

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