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About Kingsford Thanksgiving Pizza | Kingsford Maple Pellets | ThanksGrilling recteq Series ad

VIDEO kingsford Thanksgiving Pizza | Kingsford Maple Pellets | ThanksGrilling recteq Series TV commercial 2020 • 00:01 this thanksgrilling series
00:03 it's going to be huge you can't miss out
00:05 on this not this one
00:07 shoot yeah those kingsford pellets
00:08 provide the best flavor
00:10 oh yeah let's get it started
00:13 [Music]
00:15 happy holidays everybody i'm chef greg
00:17 with rec tech and i've got an
00:18 outstanding way that you can utilize all
00:21 of your holiday leftovers and make it
00:22 something completely different
00:24 and who doesn't like deep dish pizza so
00:26 taking two of my favorite things
00:27 deep dish pizza holiday leftovers all in
00:31 one one pan
00:32 it's a great idea so took a cheat i went
00:35 to
00:35 the local pizzeria and i bought some
00:37 pizza dough and if you
00:40 don't have a great relationship with
00:42 your local pizzeria telling you this is
00:44 the reason why now this is for a 20 inch
00:47 pie so we're probably not going to need
00:48 all this we're gonna get some bread
00:49 sticks out of it
00:50 but i'm gonna go ahead and just lay this
00:52 into this delicious
00:54 cast iron pan into this delicious
00:59 cast iron pan
01:03 all right we're going to grab some
01:04 mashed potatoes and we're going to put a
01:05 little base layer of mashed potato
01:08 and again if you don't have any mashed
01:09 potatoes left over maybe you got some
01:11 sweet potato casserole
01:13 i mean however you want to live your rec
01:15 tech lifestyle
01:18 it's a great way to get the kids
01:19 involved and incorporate them into the
01:20 kitchen
01:21 kind of literally playing with your food
01:25 i mean what better way to get kids into
01:28 the kitchen
01:28 than making a mess with leftovers all
01:31 right we're going to grab a little the
01:32 gravy and the gravy is kind of like
01:33 jelly liked
01:34 not a big problem just kind of add
01:36 little dollops of gravy
01:40 in and around the crust
01:43 i'm telling you this is going to be
01:44 ridiculous
01:46 we'll grab that green bean casserole oh
01:48 man those smoked almonds
01:51 if you've not checked out the recipe for
01:53 that smoked almond green bean casserole
01:56 you gotta like and subscribe to rectech
01:58 and kingsford youtube channel because
01:59 that's where you're gonna find that
02:00 recipe
02:02 you know what i think we need some more
02:06 gravy
02:11 tell you what we're gonna make this real
02:12 easy we got some corn we got some turkey
02:16 just gonna pile it on in
02:22 got some stuffing i told you it's like
02:25 leftover delicious thanksgiving popeye
02:31 kind of give it a smoosh on in there
02:36 we take the side of the fork and we
02:37 always cut off
02:40 the extra dough
02:44 don't let that go away go to waste you
02:46 can butter that
02:47 make some breadsticks i think we need
02:50 some more gravy
02:54 deep dish thanksgiving leftovers
02:59 now to make it pizza you gotta have
03:00 cheese right we've got some delicious
03:03 sharp smoked cheddar cheese
03:07 but you know what it's not done yet
03:10 gotta get the crispy onions on the top
03:12 chef john how about a uh
03:16 gotta put the onions on the top
03:21 all right we've got the rt340 preheated
03:24 to 400 degrees with those delicious
03:26 kingsford maple pellets
03:27 they give us all of the sweetness for to
03:29 make this the ultimate
03:31 thanksgiving deep dish leftover pizza
03:34 we'll see you at the rec tech
03:47 [Music]
03:58 so
04:00 telling everybody this deep dish
04:02 thanksgiving pizza
04:04 is made of these delicious leftovers
04:06 they tasted fantastic the first time
04:08 i guarantee you they're going to taste
04:09 amazing the second time we cooked this
04:11 on the rt340s those delicious
04:13 kingsford maple pellets absolutely
04:15 amazing this is way too hot to eat i
04:17 don't want to burn my frenulum but if
04:19 you guys want amazing recipes like this
04:20 make sure you subscribe to rectex and
04:22 kingsford youtube channel
04:23 for all this amazing content more happy
04:25 holidays we'll see you at the rec tech -

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