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About Kingsford Smoked Almond Green Bean Casserole | Kingsford Maple Pellets | ThanksGrilling recteq Series ad

VIDEO kingsford Smoked Almond Green Bean Casserole | Kingsford Maple Pellets | ThanksGrilling recteq Series TV commercial 2020 • 00:01 this thanksgrilling series
00:03 it's going to be huge you can't miss out
00:05 on this not this one
00:07 shoot yeah those kingsford pellets
00:08 provide the best flavor
00:10 oh yeah let's get it started
00:15 happy holidays everybody i'm chef greg
00:17 with rec tec and today we're going to
00:18 show you an amazing
00:20 smoked almond and green bean casserole
00:22 it's going to take
00:24 kind of grandma's run-of-the-mill green
00:25 bean casserole we're going to elevate it
00:27 a lot by adding some delicious smoked
00:30 slivered almonds on the top of our
00:32 crispy topping and smoking nuts you can
00:34 do in the grill
00:35 super simple just hit the rec tech to
00:37 200 or 225 degrees
00:38 lay those nuts on those non-stick
00:40 cooking mats available at
00:42 let him go for about an hour or two and
00:44 you're gonna have an amazing
00:46 smoked topping to any of your favorite
00:48 casserole dishes or just some you know
00:49 delicious smoked nuts to snack on
00:51 but for this green bean casserole we
00:53 have a couple pounds of green beans that
00:55 we have blanched
00:56 and gotten cold and strained you can use
00:58 frozen green beans for this as well
01:00 just make sure you thaw them and kind of
01:02 press some of the water out of them or
01:03 put them over a colander
01:05 overnight in the refrigerator and that
01:07 way they can kind of get rid of their
01:08 extra
01:09 liquid but you can take your favorite
01:11 can of condensed soup you can use
01:13 cream of celery cream of chicken cream
01:14 of mushroom cream of jalapeno cream of
01:16 anything cream of cheddar cheese if you
01:18 want it's whatever you like
01:20 it's however you want to live the rectec
01:21 lifestyle
01:24 for me i'm either a cream of chicken or
01:25 a cream of mushroom kind of guy
01:28 but again you do you
01:32 we've got a large onion that we have
01:33 sauteed and some butter
01:36 some parmesan cheese ciao please
01:40 about a half cup of milk
01:43 and then to bring it full circle we've
01:46 got that colden's
01:47 freaking greek the herbs the nutmeg salt
01:51 pepper riot mode
01:55 add about a tablespoon of that and all
01:58 you do is mix it up again this is a
01:59 great
02:00 easy job for the kids you can do this
02:02 the day before and that way you know for
02:04 that
02:05 busy holiday meal you're not trying to
02:07 like you know get everything done at the
02:08 last minute
02:11 we've got our greased 9 by 13 baking
02:14 dish
02:21 gonna smear it out a little bit
02:24 now normal casserole still gonna be
02:26 delicious but we're not done yet
02:30 melted butter judy where'd you put that
02:34 butter
02:36 did you put on the board sure yeah okay
02:39 no no no no no
02:49 all right so i told you this smoked
02:50 almond topping is gonna be next level
02:52 it's not a casserole unless you got
02:54 fried onions but if you don't do the
02:55 fried onions you can always use like
02:56 corn flakes
02:58 i've seen people do like a chex mix
03:00 topping never done it myself but it
03:02 looks delicious
03:03 we've got our smoked slivered almonds
03:06 we've got some melted butter but hit it
03:18 with a little bit of that cold
03:19 is freaking greek
03:22 let's go ahead and put our topping on
03:29 all right we've got our rec tec rt 700
03:32 preheated to 350 degrees this is going
03:34 to take about 45 minutes that topping's
03:36 gonna be
03:36 beautiful crispy delicious golden brown
03:40 and amazing see you at the rec tech
04:02 all right this smoked almond and green
04:04 bean casserole
04:06 is smelling delicious again to recap we
04:09 smoked this with those delicious
04:11 kingsford maple pellets i mean super
04:14 sweet
04:14 savory a good fruitiness those smoked
04:17 almonds are double smoked because we've
04:18 smoked them before and then they get a
04:20 little bit more flavor on the top
04:22 and uh i don't know about you guys but
04:23 i'm excited to dig into this
04:25 but before i do make sure you guys
04:27 follow us on all social media and go
04:28 ahead and subscribe to rec tech and
04:30 kingsford
04:30 youtube channel for all this delicious
04:33 content
04:34 and more oh it's going to be so good you
04:37 got to get the onions on the top
04:50 this casserole really brings it all
04:52 together from the crispiness of the
04:53 almonds
04:54 the sweetness of the onions the
04:55 tenderness of the green beans
04:57 i don't know about you but i'm ready for
04:58 the main course
05:00 we'll see you guys at the rec tech -

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