Release Date: 2019-11-12

About Hulu Hobbie: Season 2 Trailer (Official) ad

VIDEO Hulu Hobbie: Season 2 Trailer (Official) TV commercial 2019 • She has a voice and she's ready to use it. Stream Holly Hobbie Season 2 November 22 on hulu.

As Holly’s life gets more complicated (Boys! Bullies! Breakouts! Biology tests!), so does her music. Holly continues to use her life as inspiration for her songs but for the first time, some people don’t like what she has to say. When Holly’s attempt to deal with the haters backfires, Holly wonders if some topics are off limits. Can she write about her crush on Tyler? Her friends? What about her family? And if she does, can she handle the consequences? All this second-guessing triggers a serious case of writer’s block and spirals Holly into a big ol’ funk which is further exacerbated when Holly meets another talented musician who isn’t afraid to express himself. As Holly starts to collaborate with him, she finds her voice again but, is she ready to share it?

00:00 (SINGING) Last night I was lost in time--
00:02 Excuse me, Mr. Reeves?
00:03 I noticed I didn't get a callback.
00:05Look, you're just not the right kind of girl for this show.
00:07 But--
00:08 (SINGING) Like a movie in my--
00:10 I don't want you to quit when things get hard.
00:12 You're talented, you're smart.
00:13 You can do anything.
00:16 (SINGING) When I look out--
00:18 Your song is blowing up.
00:19 You should see the reactions online.
00:20 "I'm so sick of wannabe pop stars."
00:23 Is that it?
00:25 He's probably just some dumb online troll.
00:27 Didn't stop five people from liking it.
00:30 (SINGING) Remember there's--
00:31 You're the amazing Holly Hobbie.
00:33 You need to take control of the narrative.
00:36 What are you doing?
00:37 Signing up.
00:38 OK. See you there.
00:39 See ya.
00:40 [CHEERING]
00:41 (SINGING) You and I --
00:43 Now introducing, singer-songwriter Holly Hobbie.
00:47 (SINGING) Remember that there's more to life.
00:50 [CHEERING]
00:53 Now, that is beautiful.
00:55 (SINGING) Remember there's more to life.
00:57 [CHEERING] -

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