Release Date: 2019-12-12

About Hennessy Chapter 3: Hennessy X.O presents "Greatness Is An Odyssey" ad

VIDEO hennessy Chapter 3: Hennessy X.O presents "Greatness Is An Odyssey" TV commercial 2019 • Reaching LA was one of the hardest things Henry Golding ever had to do. But now that he’s here, his real work is just beginning. Hennessy X.O presents “Greatness Is An Odyssey”. A three-part series following Henry’s journey across three continents. Watch the full series here on YouTube.

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00:00 [Music]
00:02 Los Angeles really the source of all
00:05 that I'm passionate about and that's
00:09 making movies to come to LA really was
00:20 about giving it by all
00:24 [Music]
00:35 the dream of being in the in stem
00:37 business is one firmly planted here
00:40 [Music]
00:51 [Music]
00:58 yeah I read and hear about everything
01:01 that's going on in this town and I think
01:05 I have to keep going but it's gonna be
01:08 trial by fire all right
01:10 the intensive training for my next
01:13 project really has been my focus it gets
01:17 to a stage where you question yourself
01:20 like can I physically do this Travis
01:28 you've been in stunts for quite a while
01:30 huh yeah quite a bit of time I think
01:32 it's naturally where my career's heading
01:35 so am I gonna watch out for I think
01:37 you've got the toughest job more than
01:38 anyone not only trying to do your own
01:39 action scenes but at the end of the day
01:41 you're the one that has to deliver the
01:42 dialogue this industry is pretty tough
01:44 I've been training for a little while
01:45 but you come across office rules and
01:47 sometimes you just hit a wall how'd you
01:48 suppose that you just have to push
01:50 through all down nine times and get back
01:52 up ten there we go let's walk it very
01:54 awesome job
01:56 duck powershot here we go
02:03 [Music]
02:19 morning sounds good now love you
02:30 I'm proudest of making the right
02:32 decisions thus far in this industry you
02:36 don't know what your next project could
02:38 be what I've learned from my past
02:42 experiences to take that risk I think
02:46 the only thing that would stop me on
02:48 this journey would be myself
02:50 [Music] -

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