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Graco How to Install TrioGrow SnugLock Car Seats Forward-Facing using Vehicle Seat Belt and SnugLock Ad 2023

Graco Commercial How to Install TrioGrow SnugLock Car Seats Forward-Facing using Vehicle Seat Belt and SnugLock spot commercial 2023

VIDEO gracobaby How to Install TrioGrow SnugLock Car Seats Forward-Facing using Vehicle Seat Belt and SnugLock TV commercial 2021 • 00:00 this video covers steps for installing
00:02 the graco trio grow snug lock family of
00:05 car seats
00:06 forward facing using the vehicle seat
00:08 belt and snug lock
00:09 we'll go over step-by-step instructions
00:12 to help ensure your car seat is
00:13 installed securely before getting
00:15 started
00:16 have your car seat manual and your
00:18 vehicle's manual on hand
00:19 graco supports the american academy of
00:21 pediatrics and national highway traffic
00:24 safety administration's car seat
00:25 guidelines
00:26 please review this information before
00:28 proceeding unhook
00:30 the top tether strap from storage and
00:32 place over the front of the car seat for
00:34 easy access later
00:35 push the base against the vehicle seat
00:37 and make sure the car seat base is flat
00:39 against the vehicle seat
00:41 make sure at least 80 percent of the car
00:43 seat base is on the vehicle seat
00:45 adjust the recline to position four five
00:49 or six make sure the latch strap is in
00:52 the rear-facing belt path
00:54 if not refer to your manual for
00:56 instructions
00:57 store the latch connectors at the side
00:59of the seat
01:01 start by loosening the harness straps
01:03 then raise the headrest to the highest
01:05 position
01:06 unbuckle the chest clip and the buckle
01:11 lift the headrest pad flap up and out of
01:13 the way
01:15 undo the lower snaps on the seat pad and
01:18 lift the seat pad
01:19 exposing the back and the base of the
01:21 car seat
01:22 be sure the snug lock lock off is in the
01:24 forward facing position
01:26 and open the snug lock lock off if you
01:28 need to move the snug lock lock off from
01:30 rear-facing
01:31 to forward-facing position simply open
01:34 the snug lock lock off
01:35 and twist thread the vehicle seat belt
01:38 through the forward-facing belt path
01:40 marked with an orange label and buckle
01:42 the seat belt
01:43 making sure the seat belt lies flat and
01:45 is not twisted
01:47 pull on the shoulder belt to remove all
01:48 the slack do not pull on the belt with
01:51 excessive force
01:52 and lock the snug lock lock off with a
01:54 click
01:56 replace the seat pad
02:01 and move the headrest to the proper
02:02 position for your child
02:04 then attach the tether to the tether
02:06 anchor
02:07 extend the strap by lifting up on the
02:09 lock and attached to your vehicle
02:11 review your vehicle manual to confirm
02:13 the correct tether attachment point
02:15 remove all the slack in the top tether
02:17 strap finally
02:19 go through this checklist to make sure
02:21 the installation is correct
02:25 test for tightness grab the sides of the
02:27 seat where the vehicle belt is routed
02:29 and slide the seat side to side and
02:31 front to back
02:32 the seat shouldn't move more than one
02:34 inch in any direction
02:36 if the seat moves more than one inch
02:38 open the snug lock lock off
02:39 and pull more slack out of the vehicle
02:41 belt then close the snug lock lock off
02:44 again
02:45 repeat until the seat moves less than
02:46 one inch check the height of the harness
02:49 straps
02:50 for forward-facing car seats harness
02:52 straps should be at or just above the
02:54 child's shoulders
02:55 raise or lower the harness as needed to
02:57 ensure the harness is in the right
02:58 position
03:00 do the pinch test tighten the harness
03:02 strap snugly
03:03 by pulling on the front adjuster strap
03:05 if you can pinch the harness strap at
03:06 the child's shoulders
03:08 the straps are too loose check the
03:10 placement of the chest clip
03:11 once buckled in ensure the chest clip is
03:14 at armpit level on your child
03:16 raise or lower as needed if you have all
03:19 check marks
03:20 then you have a successful and proper
03:22 installation of the graco
03:23 trio grow snuglock three in one car seat - advertsiment spot 2021

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