Release Date: 2020-02-18

About GoDaddy Grow It: Rolling with Challenges with Wicker Goddess ad

VIDEO GoDaddy Grow It: Rolling with Challenges with Wicker Goddess TV commercial 2020 • Now that the Wicker Goddess website is up and thriving, Sarah navigates the challenges that come with growth. Feeling grateful but at times overwhelmed, she works to find balance between work and life and stay positive when sales are slow. Using tools on her website, Sarah maximizes her time and connects with her wicker-loving community about new products and upcoming pop-up markets. Throughout, Sarah leans on the folks in her life who support her vision and stays focused on the moments that make the hard work worth it.

00:00 (upbeat music)
00:03 I mean, you can't limit yourself, you know?
00:05 I want it to be multidimensional.
00:07 The goal is to be a lifestyle brand
00:09 where people are buying all kinds of things.
00:12 (paper cutter swinging) (upbeat music)
00:14 Thank you for coming by!
00:15 (upbeat music)
00:20 I think everything is hard that I'm doing.
00:22 Every single day, I am doing work I care about,
00:26 but drowning with pick-up, making cards
00:29 and folding them and packaging them
00:31 and then mailing them out.
00:32 And it is growing really fast,
00:33 faster than I thought it would.
00:35 I'm excited and grateful and also 50% overwhelmed.
00:38 (upbeat music)
00:41 Good morning, you guys.
00:42 It is Monday morning and I'm coming at you
00:47 with a lot of feelings, a lot of things going on
00:50 for me today.
00:52 The market was slower than our past markets
00:55 at this location.
00:56 It's always hard when I put a lot of work
00:59 into planning these things and reaching out to people.
01:01 It's funny, you can sell a million things
01:03 and then one day comes and you don't sell one thing
01:06 and you forget about the million and you focus on the one.
01:09 So I'm finding that balance,
01:10 but way more good days than bad days.
01:13 Hey, I just got an order on my website!
01:15 - Nice! (cheering)
01:17 - We did it!
01:18 Every time I get an order, I freak out at Joey.
01:20 I'm like, "We got an order,"
01:21 and would screenshot all of them.
01:23 What we're learning is that our website almost has all
01:25 of these hands, opportunities to reach people,
01:28 and one of those is email marketing.
01:30 It's a more personal way for us to talk to people.
01:33 I wanted to send out to the market that we're having
01:36 tomorrow. You can do email marketing emails
01:38 if you wanna send a message out to your subscribers.
01:41 You can send it all at once to all the subscribers.
01:43 I didn't really take a day off.
01:45 It was hard and it just reminded me how hard this is.
01:48 - There's definitely difficult days,
01:50 but I'm just here for it and I support this goal.
01:53 I see the vision of it.
01:56 - We are loading for the market. (laughing)
01:59 We stacked the car.
02:01 It's full and ready.
02:02 I feel like this is the busiest.
02:03 Most people have come to this market
02:05 'cause they need holiday gifts which is really awesome.
02:07 It's a built-in need to be shopping
02:09 and it feels good to kind of see what people think
02:11 of everything.
02:12 I learned so much.
02:14 It just kinda solidified
02:15 that the work we do is important work
02:17 and that people wanted to show up
02:18 for us over and over again.
02:20 So it was worth it, but it was hard.
02:23 (upbeat music) -

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