Date de Sortie: 2020-01-06
video pub Tiffany & Co A Word With Jeff Goldblum at the Tiffany Men’s Pop-Up Shop 2020 • #JeffGoldblum is at it again at the Tiffany Men’s Pop-Up Shop @ 6 East 57th Street. January 6th is the last day to visit the pop-up before it closes but keep an eye out for The Tiffany Flagship Next Door, open on January 13, 2020. #Tiffany #TiffanyAndCo #TiffanyMens.

00:02 and we're after hours well it's
00:05 fantastic that this is on 57th Street
00:07 and you know the first place I lived in
00:09 New York was 57th Street believe it or
00:12 not hey you know what if I could take
00:14 anything I don't know if I have a place
00:16 for it but that is where is it that pool
00:19 table just to my left I like playing
00:22 pool okay watch this here's a here's a
00:26 here's a not look at that
00:27 oh here's it not look at that now see
00:30 that not let you see it what happened to
00:33 that not my first chip any blue box
00:36 memory it's coming back to me when I was
00:40 13 did somebody give me a Tiffany box
00:44 and there was something very much like
00:46 this that I opened up for actually my
00:49 bar mitzvah you think there's anything
00:50 in here let's see and I think I got a
00:56 pen I think I got it some kind of
00:58 ballpoint pen take this back good catch
01:01 ah butterfingers invisibility or super
01:04 strength super strength
01:06 I would say yes but not even necessarily
01:08 physical super strength I would say
01:11 strength of character strength of
01:13 purpose and inner strength that's what I
01:16 would say texting or calling well I like
01:18 to make up a little poetry here and
01:20 there but calling there's nothing like
01:23 the human voice hello hi it's me is this
01:29 you gold or silver gold finger he's the
01:35 man the man with the Midas touch I'd
01:40 repeat gold if I could take that
01:42 motorcycle anywhere I would take it on
01:44 the same path that I took that other
01:45 motorcycle that I rode in that movie
01:47 that Robert Altman movie in 1973 called
01:49 Nashville where I played the tricycle
01:50 man there was a motorcycle three-wheeled
01:52 motorcycle and I would re re trace my
01:56 steps early on or I'd go to the Grand
01:58 Canyon I've never seen the Grand Canyon
02:01 sanctum sanctuary mortuary plankton
02:05 that's four words no never mind that was
02:07 just a little poem that my sister Pam
02:08 actually wrote favorite piece that I'm
02:10 wearing tonight I don't know whether
02:11 that's onyx is that onyx or something Oh
02:14 I never had a I never I don't think I've
02:16 ever had it on extreme but look at that
02:18 look at that you know that's a
02:20 Schlumberger and it's a what do we call
02:22 that a a bursting flower of some kind
02:25 right starfish a sorry fish I was close
02:28 I was wrong
02:29 what would I tell guys who are wearing
02:31 jewelry for the first time well fellows
02:33 jewelry is kind of personal and
02:35 meaningful I wouldn't go with trying to
02:38 create an impression I would try to
02:40 express yourself and I would say this I
02:43 would say I feel free to unshackle
02:45 yourself from traditional roles set sail
02:48 into a pioneering world of your own you
02:52 know aesthetic taste you know that's
02:55 what I would say - Tiffany & Co pub spot 2020

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