Date de Sortie: 2020-07-24
video pub PlayStation UFC 4 | Bande annonce officielle de gameplay | PS4 2020 • UFC 4 sera disponible le 14 août sur PS4.

00:01 piggy says
00:06 welcome to ea sports ufc 4 the most
00:09 authentic and immersive
00:10 mma experience to date we overhauled the
00:12 clinch game using ea sports real player
00:14 motion tech redesigned ground and pound
00:16 gameplay to be more dynamic and exciting
00:19 improved our striking controls to be
00:20 more responsive and player friendly
00:22 and revamped our presentation around
00:24 high impact moments to bring the action
00:26 to life like never before
00:27 ufc 4 delivers massive improvements to
00:30 every phase of the fight
00:32 ufc 4 introduces all new high impact
00:34 moment presentation to ensure you see
00:37 hear and feel every sensational turning
00:40 point in the fight
00:41 when you land a devastating blow
00:43 improved real-time facial and body
00:44 deformation sends a shock wave through
00:46 your opponent
00:47 and with all new replay cameras you get
00:49 to see every brutal detail
00:50 in super slow motion on top of that when
00:53 someone gets rocked with a big blow or
00:55 crisp combination
00:56 all new stun moments let you know when
00:57 it's time to go for the finish or
00:59 cover up and survive an updated control
01:02 scheme introduces dynamic striking
01:04 inputs to give you better control over
01:06 advanced strikes and combinations
01:08 this new mechanic makes it easier to
01:10 throw advanced strikes by requiring
01:12 fewer simultaneous button inputs
01:14 it's as simple as choosing between a
01:15 button tap to perform faster basic
01:17 strikes
01:18 or a buttonhole for flashier more
01:20 damaging blows
01:21 giving you better access to your
01:23 fighter's entire striking arsenal the
01:26 clinch is an important part of real life
01:27 mma utilized by elite fighters to
01:30 dominate their opponents with fluid
01:31 entries into positions for dirty boxing
01:34 or slick throws and takedowns for ufc 4
01:37 we used rpm tech to rewrite the book on
01:39 our clinch game and break free from a
01:41 system that was built for the ground
01:43 now the clinch is the closest range of
01:45 stand-up gameplay
01:46 and you can enter and exit with more
01:48 intuitive controls
01:49 this opens up the ability to drive your
01:51 opponent to the cage throw stripes with
01:53 more freedom
01:53 and seamlessly execute a variety of
01:55 trips throws
01:57 and takedowns further leveraging the
02:00 power of rpm tech we've added more
02:02 variety
02:03 fluidity and impact to our takedown
02:05 mechanics
02:06 unlike ufc 3 where the result of a
02:08 takedown attempt was decided in an
02:10 instant
02:10 we've integrated locomotion into
02:12 takedown offense and defense
02:14 allowing you to drive your opponent
02:15 towards the cage for the finish for use
02:17 footwork to deny their takedown attempts
02:19 these advances in addition to a
02:20 multitude of new takedown animations
02:22 players will see a greater variety of
02:24 outcomes driven by both fighter
02:25 attributes and player skill
02:27 from power carries to clean sprawls to
02:30 all new driving takedowns where players
02:31 actively push or defend through the
02:33 takedown attempt
02:34 fights can be won or lost in these
02:36 impactful wrestling moments
02:38 finding ways to inflict significant
02:40 damage on the ground has become the
02:41 trademark of some of the ufc's best
02:43 with our changes to ground and pound ufc
02:45 4 gives you greater control in postured
02:47 up positions
02:48 so the striker has more tools to finish
02:50 the fight the defender also has more
02:52 options to present different risks and
02:54 rewards
02:54 like the ability to use head movement or
02:56 well-timed counter transitions
02:58 a more intuitive control scheme mirrors
03:00 stand up striking benefiting all players
03:02 and allowing those with high skill to
03:03 use it to their advantage
03:05 an all new grapple assist control
03:07 feature offers a new way to operate on
03:08 the ground
03:09 three simple left stick inputs allow
03:11 players to trigger attempts to get up
03:13 submit or advance to a more dominant
03:15 ground and pound position
03:19 legacy controls are of course still
03:20 available for more technically skilled
03:21 players
03:24 finally submission finishes have also
03:26 been revamped in ufc 4.
03:27 the cumbersome system of previous titles
03:29 has been replaced with two new
03:31 mini-games for choke
03:32 and joint submissions making them more
03:34 accessible and varied throughout the
03:36 experience
03:37 with the ability to strike during
03:38 submissions transition to faster
03:40 finishing positions
03:41 or the opportunity to execute a high
03:43 impact slam to escape
03:45 the bjj game has never been more fun
03:48 submissions aren't just isolated to the
03:50 ground we've also added new takedown
03:52 counter submissions
03:53 and standing submission attempts from
03:54 within the clinch
03:56 with rpm technology intuitive control
03:59 schemes and our all new high
04:00 impact moments ea sports ufc 4 offers
04:03 the most authentic
04:04 intuitive and exciting gameplay
04:06 experience in franchise history
04:08 giving you sensational moments that only
04:10 the sport of mma can deliver
04:12 so step into the octagon and shape your
04:16 [Music]
04:23 legend - PlayStation pub spot 2020

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