Date de Sortie: 2020-01-24
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US Release Date: May 29, 2020
Starring: Mackenzie Davis, Rose Byrne, Steve Carell
Directed By: Jon Stewart
Synopsis: A Democrat strategist helps a retired veteran run for mayor in a small, conservative Midwest town.

00:01 Democrats are getting their asses kicked
00:03 we need some way to road-test a more
00:05 rural friendly message if you can't live
00:09 your principles into bad times I guess
00:11 there are principles in just hobbies
00:14 nice John Wayne and a tractor have a
00:16 baby and all you can say it's nice oh my
00:19 god Carl Jack Hastings is our key back
00:25 into the great now swing state of
00:27 Wisconsin he just doesn't know it yet
00:31 can I be completely honest with you no
00:34 ball be nice my daughter's here
00:37 that was your dog with her arm up the
00:40 cacao guys like me don't know how to
00:43 talk guys like you ba ba ba that's a no
00:45 it's just no I know maybe it doesn't
00:49 need a boat maybe you'd like your vest
00:51 but I would like to offer my services
00:55 [Music]
00:56 ruff from air deer walk in front I'm
01:05 telling you guys that could be the real
01:06 deal
01:07 this little campaign of ours has caught
01:09 the attention of the National Republican
01:10 Party why are you there
01:12 I just crushing the last piece of hope
01:14 in your eyes really piss me off it's
01:16 good to see you yeah you look fat it's
01:22 on your boys game on tons of presidents
01:25 lots of money this seems a bit crazy
01:28 don't put all the black ones in center
01:31 he's lying is a moderate
01:35 this is the 18th
01:39 and all you have is beer 20 bucks says I
01:41 do better with beer and you do with
01:43 change party can't win they're getting
01:47 desperate this is really just another
01:50 perfect example of the DC Li trying to
01:52 dictate how we should play that's we
01:53 your DC elite oh I know actually I'm
01:55 from here and some dear laughing that's
02:00 a lie that's a lie
02:01 no that's what are you even doing
02:09 [Music]
02:20 [Music] - Movieclips Trailers pub spot 2020

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