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video pub movie coverage SWEET AUTUMN Trailer (2021) Romance Movie 2021 • SWEET AUTUMN Trailer (2021) Romance Movie
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00:03 so glad you're back
00:05 six months after the funeral as auntie
00:07 instructed
00:08 who's that guy that's jax it's a nice
00:10 bike thanks
00:12 is that a 66 super hawk yeah
00:15 don't see many of those anymore i just
00:18 don't understand why she would leave me
00:19 half her candy store
00:20 with him he's been like a sender aunt
00:23 dee would want us to take her brand
00:25 nationwide
00:26 which just so happens to be my expertise
00:28 i bring investors to small businesses
00:31 empties is fine just the way it is
00:32 doesn't need any changes who owns the
00:34 other 50
00:35 convincing this guy to go bigger is
00:37 gonna be tough and he left me this
00:39 letter
00:40 ah i don't believe it open each envelope
00:43 on the corresponding day of the festival
00:45 welcome to the 30th annual sweet autumn
00:48 fest when you need inspiration
00:49 you know where to go inspiration can
00:52 only find you
00:52 if you're out looking to love auntie
00:57 you and i both know how wonderful those
00:59 candies are why not
01:01 share them all over the country over
01:04 here
01:05 wide open you're just in time for the
01:08 taffy demonstration
01:09 nice technique partner back hatchet
01:12 partner
01:13 you know dee and i would have some great
01:14 conversations out here she could pretty
01:16 much get me to open up about
01:18 anything you're a little bit of a closed
01:20 book
01:21 i have a tough time letting go let go
01:24 freedom will flow
01:25 it's one of empty's candy wrapper
01:27 philosophies
01:28 why don't we keep her tradition alive
01:31 with our own
01:32 words of wisdom maggie and i have a team
01:34 of investors lined up ready to bring
01:36 this operation nationally
01:37 did you help them put this together i am
01:40 sorry
01:40 that i made you feel like i went behind
01:42 your back in any way
01:44 i don't know dad i thought i knew her
01:47 talk to her
01:48 tell her how you're really feeling i
01:50 didn't think things would get so
01:51 complicated we can do anything with
01:54 auntie's shop
01:55 i just don't want to lose you auntie was
01:58 also trying to
01:59 bring us together if you're reading this
02:02 rapper
02:02 you've found each other
02:05 well done partner back at your partner
02:10 is that a 66 super hawk i don't see many
02:13 of those
02:26 [Music]
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