Date de Sortie: 2020-09-01
video pub Marvel Chadwick Boseman - À jamais notre roi. 2020 • À jamais notre roi.

00:04 [Music]
00:14 so
00:16 [Music]
00:28 it was chadwick boseman's performance in
00:30 42 that really made us take a second
00:32 look
00:32 there is there's such an honor and
00:34 dignity to the way that he played jackie
00:36 robinson
00:37 that we knew we needed for the character
00:40 of t'challa the prince of wakanda
00:44 [Music]
00:46 chadwick is an amazing actor we thought
00:48 would fit perfectly
00:50 with the mcu
00:52 [Music]
00:55 black panther himself ladies and
00:56 gentlemen mr chadwick boseman
01:07 chadwick you know he has a lot of
01:10 depth it was amazing as an audience
01:13 member to
01:14 you know to look into his eyes and see
01:16 what's going on we must
01:17 find a way to look after one another
01:22 as if we were one singer
01:25 tribe a lot of the things about the
01:27 character are also true about chad
01:30 he's very knowledgeable he's an athlete
01:32 you know a martial artist
01:33 he's had a lot of experience playing
01:34 roles that come with a lot of weight you
01:36 know so i think he has a he has a person
01:38 he has a guy has a lot of has a lot of
01:40 weight to him
01:40 i think he brings all that that stuff to
01:42 the role not to mention that he's
01:43 incredibly you know incredibly gifted as
01:45 an actor as a performer and also as a
01:47 storyteller in his own right i am not
01:48 king of all people i am king of wakanda
01:53 and it is my responsibility to make sure
01:55 our people are safe
01:57 because he is so prepared as an actor
01:59 and because his character is sort of
02:01 flawless on set
02:02 it forced the other actors who had
02:04 scenes with him to kind of raise their
02:06 game and go okay
02:07 this guy is not taking anything for
02:09 granted he's really leaving it all out
02:11 there
02:11 so we have to keep up with him what
02:13 doesn't chadwick bring to the character
02:15 i mean he's regal and grounded and he
02:18 brings a gravitas to it
02:20 so all of this feeds his t'challa and uh
02:23 i think he
02:24 wore the crown with dignity
02:29 he brought him back
02:30 [Applause]
02:32 i've known him since i was about like 17
02:34 so i've known him for a really long time
02:36 back in new york he did the work
02:38 obviously
02:39 you know i just think he did an
02:40 incredible job being true to the
02:42 character
02:47 i had a great time with chadwick just
02:51 warmth and camaraderie came into it of
02:54 course with a great deal of respect for
02:55 his previous work
02:57 so when i looked at him with proud eyes
03:00 you know
03:00 they were as mother and and also as as
03:04 comrade and colleague and angela it is
03:07 your time
03:08 to be king i mean chadwick is
03:12 just a powerhouse he really is so
03:13 talented every single movie he's made
03:15 there's there's kind of this internal
03:18 almost nobility
03:19 the black panther has been a protector
03:21 of wakanda for generations
03:23 he's such a soulful actor and um
03:26 so professional so present it really
03:28 gives so much
03:30 to the other person and he's awesome and
03:32 his presence on set i think makes that
03:34 kind of
03:35 raises the stakes a little bit for
03:37 everybody chadwick is a he's a really
03:40 smart interesting dynamic guy and
03:43 i think he was not overwhelmed but very
03:46 surprised and somewhat taken aback
03:48 by the amount of love it
03:51 ceased to become just about how well he
03:54 inhabited the role and all that stuff
03:55 it's become part of our culture just as
03:57 a symbol
04:00 this welcome is is one of the most
04:02 amazing things i've ever experienced
04:06 it's fun to watch just what it means to
04:08 people
04:09 at times like in my head i'll be like
04:11 well
04:12 what does this do for the world like
04:14 actually what is it
04:15 you know is it actually valuable in this
04:18 climate and i have to say
04:19 yes it actually is not because
04:22 it makes people escape i think when done
04:25 right
04:26 um it gives people hope
04:31 i found that it means a lot
04:45 you - Marvel pub spot 2020

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