Date de Sortie: 2020-04-26
video pub Fenty Beauty By Rihanna RIHANNA'S SUMMER FENTY FACE MAKEUP TUTORIAL 2020 • Rihanna shows y'all how to use blush and bronzer with our new CHEEKS OUT Cream Blushes and Cream Bronzers.

00:00 okay okay but everything today this is
00:05 one of my favorite looks and I've been
00:06 rocking this for a minute now no makeup
00:08 make it look all right Real Talk
00:16 so we're gonna show you how to
00:17 accomplish that look starting with a
00:19 whole little family right here okay now
00:22 cheeks out is our cream bronzer and our
00:25 cream blush these products are really
00:27 lightweight they're also meant to be
00:30 apply any way you want to really but a
00:32 brush is usually a lot more convenient
00:34 for me because I'm always in a rush like
00:36 makeup and out but Jennifer over here I
00:39 love a finger
00:42 so Jennifer over here I love to use it's
00:51 meant to have a marriage with your
00:53 makeup your foundation your powder
00:55 whatever you have on your base you can
00:57 use this on your eyes or cheeks your
00:59 forehead so I'm gonna start on the lower
01:01 and here I'm using my bronzer brush here
01:05 because what works for the dry formula
01:07 it also works for our creamy bronzer so
01:09 you can go right in like that and then
01:11 you can blend it out have a little bit
01:13 of a tour when I get to my forehead I
01:16 really go in because I have a big
01:18 forehead so I have to go for it I'm
01:20 saying look at it I'm pouring this into
01:22 my foundation that's already there and
01:25 look it just becomes more like skin than
01:28 anything else
01:29 you can't tell they have on any makeup
01:30 in this corner right here that is
01:32 something that's very special but you're
01:34 on the beach or you just want to wake up
01:37 next to your man look at that you don't
01:39 have a makeup check it out though we
01:43 like things to look like skin we like
01:45 them to look natural not greasy bootlegs
01:49 grease do you know that that's I don't
01:52 play that we just do dewy okay
01:55 so as you can see I'm also contouring my
01:59 jawline same cream bronzer shade I'm
02:02 using right now it's honey glaze because
02:04 it's really warm and it fits my
02:06 complexion really perfectly giving me
02:08 this do this glow
02:11 Trulli summertime so what I like to do
02:13 is use this color amber I like to use it
02:17 on the contour region because it creates
02:19 like a natural shadows and they're just
02:21 going in line with that it's not lighter
02:23 or darker it's just a shadow and it's
02:26 there all day long and you can have this
02:28 in a cream formula now this is our
02:31 summer time base and we're not done I'm
02:35 gonna show you the second half of our
02:36 cheeks out collection for the summer
02:38 which is a part of our no makeup makeup
02:41 look first fancy Beauty blush ever it's
02:48 all about the moods though we have tense
02:50 let's start with petal popping I like to
02:53 just Pat it on like a little pause and
02:56 then I go in a circle just to create
02:58 that little rosy cheek and then I drag
03:01 up a little bit into the jaw line
03:04 I don't more does look a lot like I'm
03:06 overdoing it you know ma'am because it's
03:09 what so the next side I'm gonna give you
03:15 some more timeline because this is one
03:16 of my other favorite colors I want to do
03:18 this one my fingers just so you can see
03:19 that you can do it both ways that is
03:22 really what this product is all about
03:25 the flexibility and look at that boom I
03:28 wasn't lying no fingerprints no
03:31 blatching serious I'm just filling in my
03:35 brows real quick what are you doing over
03:37 there Jen that's the thing we wanted to
03:41 talk to you guys about now look go crazy
03:43 at his color looks what is purple gonna
03:45 look like on my cheek let me show you
03:47 you see that it's not scary at all it's
03:50 beautiful and it really just has such a
03:52 sheer beautiful effect go it works on
03:55 every skin tone
03:56 don't I look beach ready or booty call
04:00 ready I'm actually dying
04:03 Anna my favorite colors that my time
04:05 Wayne and me love just a little bit of
04:09 lime on there so you have a little bit
04:11 of pigment behind
04:12 the iconic phantom unique lip shine whoa
04:19 look at my lips
04:20 and that look look at it Jacob I am
04:25 Lange front off everybody loved that and
04:29 everyone bought it but it's worth it
04:31 look at it okay guys so this is it end
04:34 result for our no makeup makeup look for
04:37 our summer fan TV - Fenty Beauty By Rihanna pub spot 2020

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