Date de Sortie: 2020-02-26
video pub Fendi Women’s Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Show: backstage 2020 • From up-close details to behind-the-scenes action: go backstage at the #FendiFW20 Women’s Fashion Show.

00:00 I attract beauty I'm doing it it's good
00:04 right
00:08 [Applause]
00:16 certain point was really questioning
00:18 about what kind of women I wanted to
00:21 dress and so I thought powerful strong
00:25 and free she came in with a very clear
00:29 idea about the message she wanted to say
00:31 about the Fendi woman about the woman in
00:34 general we can be strong while being
00:36 feminine she expressed it quite well on
00:39 the sale
00:44 I feel very very pretty but like pretty
00:48 too like next level I love it actually
00:54 like structured leathers I feel like a
00:58 million bucks in my outfit
01:01 like a dream it's my truth
01:07 really started from them biggest of the
01:09 cliche like pink pink color is for girl
01:12 so pink opposed to dark colors like
01:15 praise and black or satin and lace
01:19 opposed to leather
01:24 I feel very sexy she the whole look is
01:29 just such look you know what's funny
01:33 about the Fendi show Silvia always with
01:36 it's that I feel like we're made for me
01:39 but I just feel very lucky - where's
01:41 Magnus I feel very Trinity from the
01:43 matrix it's perfect for me
01:47 and I love black and I love Legos so I
01:49 feel like Jada pinkett-smith the nature
01:55 a little bit I feel like sassy and
01:58 glamorous nuts which maybe I am I love
02:06 my is my favorite color
02:08 I love this cool super cool I feel like
02:13 a power woman it's a really cool look
02:16 and it's very cheap
02:19 I feel sexy beautiful this is different
02:22 look I've never seen a headband that
02:24 goes in the back the hairband beside the
02:28 hair with the clothes it was really a
02:31 dreamy I thought the show was so
02:34 powerful it feels really like women
02:36 empowerment especially using pink in
02:38 this way really really powerful and the
02:40 costume was fantastic I feel and I feel
02:45 empowered it's a very empowering outfit
02:48 yeah
02:50 I love my outfit because it's sensible
02:54 it's easy we've met so many facets and
02:58 that's why I wanted to have a casting of
03:00 different women with different
03:03 generations different body shapes it's
03:07 very very major I'm the first of my kind
03:10 they're amazing
03:12 very much like myself
03:14 at the lux but I also go strong
03:16 and some feminine but also like I'm
03:21 gonna go make some executive decisions
03:24 feel incredibly beautiful I am gathering
03:27 as I'm doing the fitting and watching
03:29 all the models in their dresses that
03:31 it's a real celebration of women this
03:34 collection and it feels very strong and
03:36 empowered and all the women just looking
03:40 their most beautiful so I feel gorgeous
03:42 which is really nice and the result is a
03:45 feminine collection as I say from
03:50 boudoir to boardroom really really
03:54 [Music]
04:04 there's
04:06 [Music]
04:11 [Applause]
04:16 sleeves are important in this show I
04:19 call the pillows live it's a nice
04:22 cultural sleeve and I like it and I
04:25 think gives a powerful aspect to the
04:29 silhouette just love it I mean all these
04:35 little things it's like you can do
04:37 everything with it's a little box done
04:46 with cows
04:46 we made it offended you oh and so you
04:49 can just put you up and watching it it's
04:51 a carry watch a watch carrier the
04:57 composer alexander Cortina is amazing
04:59 and he makes with his music is like
05:02 those waves of it really fits into this
05:06 idea of rounders and
05:09 she's being extremely welcoming and it
05:12 really felt like stepping into a family
05:14 with open arms it was incredible
05:21 that big bag big Fendi bag let me hop me
05:32 it's very elegant is very chic these
05:34 same with the bag it's incredibly like
05:36 soft but you know she's got a sharp
05:39 tongue as you guys have well figured
05:41 happen we quite happy that we presented
05:47 earlier a new so I shouldn't be careful
05:50 it's a new Co so shiny we can
05:52 accessorize with the devil you change
05:54 the pocket so to be quite fun the new
05:57 thing is think that this bag you can
05:59 change the color inside so you can
06:01 really do it according to your mood I
06:06 selected an artisan for each Italian
06:10 region and that baguette is made in
06:13 Tuscany by a man who normally makes
06:17 books and so it's made of vegetal
06:20 leather there's no stitching it's just
06:23 bounded and he makes everything by
06:25 himself by hand and he can make really a
06:28 small amount or number
06:30 [Music]
06:38 I love it so much the very glamorous of
06:41 my love's and my yellow bra
06:48 [Music]
06:49 [Applause]
06:55 everybody's have been everybody feels
06:58 proud of what we achieved today
07:02 [Applause]
07:07 [Music]
07:18 [Music] - Fendi pub spot 2020

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