Date de Sortie: 2019-12-07
video pub Dior Shawn Stussy on the Fall 2020 Dior Men’s Show 2019 • Stroll through the set of the Fall 2020 Dior Men’s Show with the artist Shawn Stussy as he sees it for the first time. An icon in counterculture and the creative world of surfing, the artist chats with Kim Jones about his inspirations for the set and the prints he contributed to the newly unveiled collection.

00:00 We’re driving up to the runaway show.
00:03 Oh wow, is that the outside of the building?
00:05 That’s a lot of yellow.
00:08 I mean look at this.
00:09 It’s crazy and this is outside.
00:13 The technical involvement of it is really freaking me out.
00:16 It’s trippy. It’s like, wow, what an undertaking!
00:19 How do you even start something like this?
00:21 That’s why I’m blown away.
00:23 How are you? You’re looking sharp!
00:25 - Everything good? - Yeah!
00:26 When I was growing up,
00:27 I remember buying my first Stüssy t-shirt at the age of 14.
00:30 I loved the dinosaur t-shirt Big and Meaty?
00:33 Yeah, exactly. They were really good.
00:35 I lived in Southern California, I started surfing at 13-14 years old
00:39 and I don’t even know how but I made my first surfboard.
00:42 I always considered Shawn an artist
00:44 because when I saw the advertising in magazines,
00:46 like the Face and i-D, they were very graphic images
00:49 that were left behind and still remain to youth
00:52 and young people an important legacy.
00:55 I feel coming back and doing this with you,
00:58 in some weird way, I feel I’m handing the torch off
01:02 to the younger crowd, to you!
01:04 The thing that interested me the most was that
01:06 they wanted the flavour of my art
01:09 and we talked about a repeat pattern.
01:11 - Yeah. - But they were going to take it
01:12 into the couture level of technical stuff.
01:15 It lends itself to so many different things;
01:17 it’s beaded, it’s embroidered, it’s an eye cap, it’s a jacquard,
01:21 it’s in double-faced cashmere, it’s in marbling,
01:24 it’s in techniques that are very couture.
01:26 Even the set, I designed the set myself
01:29 because I wanted to pay homage to Shawn’s love of surfing
01:32 so we’re on the beach going under the wave,
01:35 which is where you like to be.
01:38 Here we are, in this massive wave.
01:41 The models are going to be walking down through this wave
01:43 and I think that was the variation of colour
01:46 as the wave comes over,
01:47 the lights hitting the lip as it’s over on that side
01:50 and it’s always darker in the barrel. - Dior pub spot 2019

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