Pub Maserati Fast

Date de Sortie: 2016-07-19
Maserati TV Annonce • vidéo commerciale Maserati • Fast • Fast pub • Maserati Fast pub tv • La vraie beauté a cette capacité à suspendre le temps. Bien sûr, nous aimons aller vite, mais il faut se donner le temps d'y parvenir.

0:00 fast we love it
0:03 Lightfoot a hundred and forty characters or less we date with our fingers we kiss
0:08 with emojis and type with our lips
0:10 we skip commercials watch six-second videos and get overnight deliveries day
0:14 of adrenaline junkies waiting for an XY 56 until something really fast comes
0:21 along and makes a slow down
0:28 from a place that knows about taking the time to craft something better
0:33 generations blessed by an understanding that God is in the details
0:39 true beauty as a way of hitting our paws but sure love to go fast
0:50 but you have to take it slow to get there


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Maserati Fast pub tv
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