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Date de Sortie: 2016-09-23
SAP TV Annonce • vidéo commerciale SAP • Under Armour Run Live • Under Armour Run Live pub • SAP Under Armour Run Live pub tv • «La technologie est un facteur de différenciation essentiel pour Under Armour qui aide les athlètes à être meilleurs.» Kevin Plank - CEO de Under Armour - explique comment ils utilisent les données - en temps réel - pour anticiper les besoins des athlètes . Under Armour utilise les logiciels SAP pour diriger l'entreprise dans son ensemble. De la chaîne d’approvisionnement, à la gestion des voyages jusqu’aux RH, SAP aide Under Armour à agir en LIVE afin qu'ils ne perdent jamais leur capacité de rêver.

0:00 under armour's always been more than apparel company we've always been an
0:04 innovation company using technology is a critical differentiator changing the
0:14 expectation that the consumer will have for what a sports brand should be for
0:18 that this is where we're gonna need a big bad technology partner bring in
0:23 queue the bell ASAP
0:26 under armour is a live business we can anticipate the issues and needs that
0:31 you're going to have using live data to really understand the needs of the
0:35 athlete to make better decisions that meet our consumer where they are the
0:39 right place with the right product at the right time the days of the 18 months
0:43 supply chain or something that we are quickly putting in our rearview mirror
0:46 with plans in place right now to cut that by as much as twenty to thirty to
0:50 forty percent so ASAP really does for the under armour brand it truly allows
0:55 me to run our business and then


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SAP Under Armour Run Live pub tv
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