Video pub Tommy Hilfiger 2024 Ep. 2: What It Takes | Lewis Hamilton, George Russell

Date de Sortie: 2024-06-21
video pub Tommy Hilfiger Ep. 2: What It Takes | Lewis Hamilton, George Russell 2024 • Ep. 2: What It Takes | Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Clarence Ruth on fashion and motorsports.

This is the second episode in a docuseries accompanying the release of the Tommy X Mercedes-AMG F1™ X Clarence Ruth collection. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell reflect on their journeys in Formula 1 and their relationships with fashion and Tommy Hilfiger. Toto Wolff opens up on what it takes to keep ahead of trends and at the front of the F1 field, while designer Clarence Ruth reveals the inspirations behind the collection.

0:01 I'm excited about what the future HS for
0:03 Formula
0:04 One very very proud that at the
0:07 racetrack I'm able to represent youngc
0:09 coming
0:10 designers I definitely wanted the
0:12 collection to be Sports inspired Le is
0:15 out there with his fashion and George is
0:18 a bit more classic and traditional for
0:21 us it's a great balance C think it's
0:23 fashion Cutting Edge technology in the
0:25 racing car is what I love about the
0:27 relationship
0:30 [Music]
0:40 when I was a teenager Watkins Glenn
0:43 racetrack was 45 minutes away from my
0:46 house so we would go to watch the races
0:49 I was impressed by the uniforms and the
0:52 energy behind the whole experience
0:57 [Music]
1:00 I discovered Tommy when I was a kid
1:02 massively inspired by the style of the
1:05 clothing back then because music was
1:06 everything for me and that's where it
1:08 was reallyy showcased and also it was
1:09 one of the cool brands of people that
1:11 look like me myself growing up I wasn't
1:14 so much into my fashion I wasn't
1:16 thinking so much about it and it took me
1:18 time to step outside of my comfort zone
1:20 try some new things and now I really
1:21 enjoy it the partnership with Mercedes
1:25 began with my relationship with ls I met
1:28 Tommy at the Met dollar and of course I
1:30 knew who he was and I'm like Jesus
1:32 there's this icon standing in front of
1:33 me and he was one of those people that
1:35 immedately just from the moment we met
1:37 just lifted me up and I was like Wow and
1:39 then it got to the point he's like I'd
1:40 love to work together I think he thought
1:41 I was kidding if I'm really honest I was
1:43 like what do you mean but then as a
1:46 result of me getting back again he said
1:50 let's do it and that's really when it
1:51 kind of all
1:53 started so many shared values across the
1:56 two Brands you know nurturing new Talent
1:59 as Mercedes did with myself when I was a
2:01 young Junior driver so many synergies
2:03 between the two Brands just really
2:05 excited I was told I had the model body
2:07 apparent reflecting on my journey to
2:09 Formula 1 there were a lot of highlights
2:11 and a lot of success there were also a
2:14 lot of moments of failure that failure
2:17 is almost essential into making somebody
2:21 greater in the years to
2:24 come the unique aspect of this
2:26 collaboration is that we are both trying
2:28 to push the boundaries super grateful
2:30 for you know to to Really opening up the
2:33 door so it's great to see those Worlds
2:36 Collide I feel so fortunate to be
2:38 Formula One driver in this time when the
2:41 sports just going from strength to
2:43 strength you need to be always ahead of
2:46 the trends when you talk about a team or
2:48 company some kind of organism but the
2:50 truth is the people that work for it the
2:52 human
2:57 beings the more diverse opinion and
3:00 perceptions we have the stronger we will
3:02 be the faster the stopwatch is going to
3:09 show the whole point of me and what I
3:11 race for it's an opportunity for us to
3:14 inspire so there's so many goals that as
3:18 a team have to accomplish but that
3:20 brings a lot of motivation to everybody
3:23 within because we see a direction that
3:25 we're heading and we want to be the
3:27 first to bring what is next
3:29 [Music]
3:32 ready okay my hopes for the collection
3:35 is that people will come together as a
3:38 community hey George Lou the future
3:41 fashion just doesn't look one way the
3:44 future fashion looks like everybody
3:47 collaborations and Partnerships are
3:48 always a moment in time but the message
3:51 and the product they go so much further
3:53 in the future Tommy have done jerseys
3:56 and have the sports element of the rugby
3:58 and things that nature brand biker sport
4:01 F1 Mercedes sport driving and so right
4:04 there was the key for me in my process
4:06 where I was like this is where we all
4:08 alive
4:10 [Music]

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