Date de Sortie: 2021-06-09
video pub l'oreal Your Wing Men On... Dadding 2021 • 00:00 [Music]
00:05 so jay how
00:06 important are you makes like when you
00:07 first become a dad that's so important i
00:09 think you need your dad mates about you
00:10 because you need someone you can rely on
00:12 somebody can talk to i was the first one
00:14 to my
00:18 [Music]
00:20 the first one i didn't have a clue what
00:21 we were doing we were marking down
00:23 nappy changes milk time by the fourth
00:25 it's like you don't need to mark any of
00:26 it down
00:27 would you kind of the the morning person
00:30 or the night person
00:31 we had a lovely excuse where when when
00:33 you're still playing
00:34 i mean you could you had that i've got a
00:36 game on you know this week but
00:37 it didn't always work when i was injured
00:41 16 17. no but what about the mates with
00:45 no kids
00:45 it's almost the lack of understanding
00:47 you know i think if i was to have a
00:49 conversation with you two about
00:50 i don't know a night out a level of
00:53 planning goes off in your head i mean i
00:54 have a problem because my mates are
00:56 bringing up my son to go out with him
00:58 he's the fun one oh this is good 20.
01:04 i'll take that what was harry like
01:06 wasn't he wasn't mad for advice like
01:07 birds and the bees never had that
01:08 discussion one day first they told me
01:10 the birds of babies harry actually
01:14 my dad was more like fun dad i wouldn't
01:16 say he was hands-on
01:17 you know my mom did all the work when it
01:19 came to kind of when it came to raising
01:21 me
01:21 i know what you mean yeah i mean i mean
01:23 my mum eventually raised me on her own
01:25 so you know my dad left when i was eight
01:27 years old but still got a great
01:28 relationship but my mum
01:30 was she was she was mom and dad jj
01:33 being a dad winning it or winging it
01:35 defoe
01:36 winging it the moment i thought i was
01:38 winning it i realized i was winging it
01:40 as simple as that ideal father's day in
01:42 three words
01:43 golf club golf oh great i'm coming
01:47 top dad in tip go make time for your
01:49 kids but also make time for yourself
01:52 because
01:57 so where would you go for like proper
01:58 solid bad advice i know that
02:00 you know the movember family mentor is a
02:02 really good place you know to go and get
02:04 that
02:05 support or advice that you need
02:06 especially not for brand new dads
02:08 you're going again out here i am i am
02:11 yeah i've got another one on the way but
02:12 three girls
02:14 finally got the boy come in congrats not
02:16 so outnumbered anymore no exactly it was
02:17 just me and the dog before
02:18 we got dog off such a good thing to have
02:20 it like when it's all kicking off in the
02:22 house you're like right dog needs a walk
02:23 what lengths do you go to to keep your
02:25 kids occupied when they're all kicking
02:27 off i go
02:27 uh oh my god this dog's unbelievable
02:31 and they'll stop like that oh this must
02:33 be incredible
02:34 dad's got nuts bo is 12 so when he gets
02:37 back from school
02:38 he's just got a table tennis mad i
02:39 bought him a really good back but he's
02:41 getting really close to me
02:42 so i you know what i did
02:50 [Music]
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