Date de Sortie: 2021-03-16
video pub british vogue Alexa Chung: Vogue Visionaries | Episode 2 2021 • “Fashion is not for the faint-hearted,” warns Alexa Chung in her Vogue Visionaries class, in which the TV presenter turned designer shares everything she’s learnt about switching up careers, and launching her own label, Alexachung, in 2017.

Chung’s is the second of eight classes from British Vogue and YouTube’s new Vogue Visionaries series, which sees experts from the worlds of acting, beauty, music and more – from Naomi Scott and Sam McKnight to Celeste and Patricia Bright – impart their words of wisdom and advice on how to succeed in their chosen field.

When it comes to forging a strong aesthetic identity, it’s crucial to start with the piece that epitomises your vision. For Chung, that was a trench coat “because it represents what I wanted to achieve, which was a brand that was classic, had heritage, and was a fresh take on something old.” That core garment will be different for everyone, although she does suggest it’s not denim – “It’s chronically hard to get right.”

As someone who has built a career and brand on her personal style, Chung reveals she initially didn’t have herself in mind when designing. Now, though, she “embraces the idea that if I don’t like it and I wouldn’t personally wear it then it won’t make the cut. It’s actually really simplified things. Even though it sounds narcissistic, the muse is me.”

Honesty about “catastrophes” is important, as is realising there isn’t only one way to do things. “I’m really proud of the clothes I make,” Alexa says. “It may not be the classic way of doing it, but rather than seeing that as a hindrance or becoming insecure about it, I see it as a strength.”

0:00​ - 01:03​ - Introduction
01:05​ - 07:23​ - Chapter One: Birth Of A Brand
07:23​ - 11:01​ - Chapter Two: The Drawing Board
11:01​ - 14:01​ - Chapter Three: Signature Style
14:02​ - 23:06​ - Chapter Four: Building A Business
23:06​ - 26:40​ - Chapter Five: Notes To My Younger Self - British Vogue pub spot 2021

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