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video pub one media THE BINGE Official Trailer (2020) Vince Vaughn Comedy Movie HD 2020 • THE BINGE Official Trailer (2020) Vince Vaughn Comedy Movie HD
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00:00 good morning american high
00:03 america a few years from now
00:06 prosperous clean and sober
00:10 except one night a year when all drugs
00:13 and alcohol are legal
00:16 for you seniors you will be able to
00:18 participate in your first bench but say
00:20 your name is kimberly jones
00:21 and let's say you binged on a jet ski
00:24 which exploded into flames
00:25 she's here tonight can you guys guess
00:26 which one she is i'll give you a hand
00:28 you're cold getting warmer getting
00:29 warmer red hot
00:31 burning hot she's the one who looks like
00:32 a mummy hmm
00:34 so it's been a binge after your dad's
00:36 speech i'm seriously thinking about it
00:38 me too by the way
00:40 this is our last chance to make a great
00:42 memory
00:44 tonight we become legends
00:46 [Applause]
00:53 hey everybody what's happening here
00:58 do you roofied our parents look we go to
01:01 that party you look leena in the eyes
01:03 and tell her exactly what you wanted to
01:04 tell her your entire life
01:05 ah let's go andrew here you guys cops i
01:09 have friends mom why don't you believe
01:11 me probably because your tendency
01:12 towards violence that's bad for the
01:14 church i'll bury you behind a jiffy lube
01:17 and my friends are gonna help me
01:18 we will not be doing that it's lina she
01:22 just texted from the party she asked how
01:23 long to we're there tell her we're
01:24 picking up some presents
01:26 it autocorrected to i'm gonna get you
01:27 pregnant
01:28 [Music]
01:30 we'll give you a ride if you punch each
01:32 other in the face what
01:33 we'll do it one two
01:39 [Applause]
01:42 [Music]
01:49 [Applause]
01:51 rumor has it that the girls are here
01:54 this is a little bit more of an adult
01:55 party
01:56 yeah and you're still wearing your pants
02:00 [Music]
02:07 to our first sip of alcohol
02:12 another round absolutely i'll have some
02:15 celery sticks
02:17 i really don't think we should be doing
02:19 this many drugs i don't think we need to
02:21 be doing anyone red
02:22 that's you
02:37 you - ONE Media pub spot 2020

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