Date de Sortie: 2020-08-13
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US Release Date: August 21, 2020
Starring: Russell Crowe, Caren Pistorius
Directed By: Derrick Borte
Synopsis: A woman becomes embroiled in a violent case of road rage after honking at the wrong guy.

00:04 in these modern times
00:06 the average driver will spend over four
00:08 years of their life in a car
00:10 [Applause]
00:11 and 80 of them at some point will
00:14 experience
00:18 aggressive driving or more commonly
00:22 known as
00:23 road rage
00:28 rule number one if you find yourself in
00:31 this situation
00:32 you know what a courtesy tap is young
00:33 man sounds like this it's light
00:36 it's friendly sure that's what your mom
00:38 meant to do it's important
00:40 not to engage the other driver if you
00:42 apologize
00:44 i don't have anything to apologize for
00:49 rule number two remember your fellow
00:51 drivers may be going through personal
00:53 issues
00:54 affecting their mood or temperament my
00:57 invisible life
00:58 has been dismissed
01:02 retribution that's all i got left
01:06 yes troublesome people may be troubled
01:09 i'm pretty sure the guy in that truck's
01:11 following me he's road raging
01:13 he's just trying to scare you
01:17 hey
01:20 rule number three once an altercation
01:23 has escalated
01:24 this is where your first lesson begins
01:27 things can take a sudden
01:29 unhinged turn it's okay it's gonna be
01:31 okay
01:36 that's where we are in this world today
01:38 we seem to have developed inability to
01:40 apologize
01:41 to anyone for anything
01:46 but you can learn
01:50 just remember be safe out there
01:59 [Music]
02:05 [Music]
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