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video pub Movie Coverage MISBEHAVIOUR Trailer (2020) Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Keira Knightley Movie 2020 • MISBEHAVIOUR Trailer (2020) Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Keira Knightley Movie
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00:01 last year a hundred million people tuned
00:04 in live to miss world
00:05 more viewers than for the moon landings
00:07 or the world cup
00:08 final beautiful darling mom don't
00:13 you and your sisters used to love
00:14 playing this world i also like to eat
00:17 our own snot
00:18 we really believe beauty isn't just skin
00:21 deep
00:22 the girls also have charm grace goods
00:25 deportments swimsuits
00:30 this world rehearsals are underway i'm
00:32 the first
00:33 black south african to take part i'm the
00:35 first miss granada
00:37 ladies and gentlemen mr bob the last
00:40 time bob guested on this show
00:42 he brought the winning girl home with
00:44 him
00:47 they're turning oppression into
00:48 spectacle let's make a spectacle of her
00:50 own
00:50 we'd infiltrate the theater
00:54 we've just been smoking and watching
00:56 like in a heist film
00:58 if i win there will be little girls who
01:00 might start to believe they have a place
01:02 in the world
01:03 we're black we're not going to be in
01:05 this world
01:07 you don't want me i don't want you to
01:09 think i'm some kind of group that
01:11 doesn't consider the feelings of women i
01:13 consider feeling women all the time
01:17 forget this
01:26 [Music]
01:36 this competition makes us compete with
01:37 each other and makes the world narrower
01:40 for all of us in the end
01:42 why should any woman have to earn her
01:44 place in the world by looking a
01:45 particular way
01:47 you don't he doesn't why should we
01:55 [Musi]
02:13 you - Movie Coverage pub spot 2020

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