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Video pub Dior Tailoring savoir-faire secrets

Date de Sortie: 2020-07-14
video pub dior Tailoring savoir-faire secrets 2020 • A key element of Dior savoir-faire since the very beginning has been its tailoring excellence. In the Dior men’s Summer 2021 collection by Kim Jones in collaboration with Ghanaian artist Amoako Boafo, the tradition continues with an innovative reworking of a frock coat with braid trim accents.After passing the toile stage, the coat is carefully canvassed to provide structure and a sense of movement that will allow it to adapt to the wearer’s body over time. Self-covered buttons are drawn from Monsieur Dior’s iconic ‘Bar’ suit, the emblem of the New Look.

00:00 We started out with the design studio sketch.
00:02 The first step is, of course, a toile, with interpretations of what in this case is frogging,
00:06 because there’s a lot of passementerie in the collection.
00:14 There are the tails, the back cutting and
00:16 the pleats found on traditional frock coats.
00:18 This jacket will be constructed with classic canvassing,
00:21 as it’s a strong jacket
00:23 and needs to hold its shape.
00:28 We are using ‘Bar’ buttons, Monsieur Dior’s buttons.
00:31 Each button is covered in the same fabric as the garment,
00:34 just like the ‘Bar’ jacket.
00:35 The jigger button has a little hand-embroidered loop,
00:39 there's an interior pocket,
00:41 tiny pick stitches on the lining,
00:44 and here the little braid,
00:46 on the right and left side as always,
00:48 the label, the vent,
00:50 the inverted pleat and three bands of braid.
00:53 You could call it a revisited tailcoat. - Dior pub spot 2020

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Date de sortie: 2020-07-14

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