Date de Sortie: 2020-07-07
video pub Nikon #CreateYourlight : les conseils Kiran Cox pour la photographie à plat (Flat Lay) 2020 • Le quatrième thème photo pour #CreateYourLight est : la photographie à plat.
Kiran Cox nous partage quelques astuces pour réaliser la photogrpahie à plat.

00:00 hi guys I'm Karen Potts and I'm a street
00:01 photog rapher based in London
00:03 obviously as most of us are in lockdown
00:05 at the moment it's kind of hard to get
00:06 out and do some street photography so
00:08 through this video we're going to show
00:09 you some things you can do from the
00:10 safety of your own home today we're
00:12 gonna be shooting with the Nick on Zed 7
00:13 the reason I like shooting with this
00:15 camera mainly is because of the tilt
00:16 screen that helps me a lot your street
00:18 photography with being a bit more
00:19 discreet and it'll also help with
00:21 shooting Flatley photography as you can
00:23 increase your viewing angles without
00:25 having to stand in an awkward position
00:26 okay cool let's go and set up the first
00:28 scene
00:32 [Music]
00:43 [Music]
00:52 [Music]
00:55 I've just finished the first setup as
00:57 you can see in the background the first
00:58 thing I looked at was the lighting I
01:00 wanted the light coming in from just
01:02 above the products to give it a nice
01:03 even balance across the frame after that
01:06 we've got our hero product which was the
01:07 Zed 6 and place that in the center of
01:09 the frame after that I placed all the
01:11 rest of the accessories around and then
01:13 bit by bit move them into position fill
01:15 in all the negative spaces and keeping
01:17 all the lines straight and parallel so
01:19 withersedge 7 today we've been using
01:20 snap bridge to help line up the shot
01:22 this saves me constantly getting up and
01:25 down and looking back at the screen I've
01:26 to line everything up a lot easier focus
01:28 it and take a shot right from the phone
01:29 coming from a street photography
01:31 background you always want to try and
01:32 tell a story either with a single
01:34 picture or a few frames with this one
01:36 revealing some of those details like the
01:38 glass on the lens and the sensor inside
01:40 the camera just helps provide more
01:41 details and a more depth to the photo
01:43 now I've completed this up I'm going to
01:46 move downstairs into the underground car
01:47 park to do the next hour as a street
01:50 photographer
01:50 I'm always looking to tell a story I
01:52 like to do that through use of colour
01:54 different textures and different
01:56 lighting setups
01:57 [Music]
02:17 I've just finished the last set up as
02:19 you can see I've changed locations I'm
02:21 in a slightly more gritty environment
02:23 which kind of ties in with my street
02:25 photography background you know I've
02:27 tried to use a part of the floor that
02:30 has a few different tones and textures
02:31 to it just to bring a bit more
02:33 personality into the photo I also
02:35 experimented with bringing in some color
02:37 of the Nichols tract and also a few
02:39 personal effects that I tend to carry
02:41 day-to-day and when I'm out on a photo
02:43 shoot this is just a great way to help
02:45 add a bit more personality to your
02:47 photos make it a little bit more unique
02:49 and stand out from the rest as you can
02:51 see the light down here isn't the best
02:52 but thankfully having a z7 with this
02:54 brilliant
02:55 ISO performance I can bump up as high as
02:57 I need without having to worry about
02:59 getting any brain or losing any
03:00 sharpness in the photos one thing to
03:02 remember when you're doing flat lay
03:03 photography just continue to look around
03:05 look for different textures different
03:06 styles of lighting sometimes you might
03:08 want to introduce our shadows to the
03:10 photos sometimes you might want soft so
03:12 just really keep hunting for those
03:13 perfect textures and those perfect
03:15 backgrounds for your flat layer
03:16 photography when you're dealing with
03:17 high contrast lighting it's always good
03:19 to remember that they're gonna cost
03:20 quite harsh shadows across your frame so
03:23 you can always move your product to be
03:25 the directly under the light or slightly
03:27 off to control the shadows that way one
03:29 additional tip for flat lay photography
03:30 especially working outside I've been
03:32 using just a small soft bristle brush
03:34 just to clear out the scene the
03:36 background and the product this helps
03:38 with post-production once you're editing
03:40 your final image being stuck inside
03:41 during this lockdown it's been a real
03:43 help to me being able to use a space
03:45 around me to do a different store
03:47 photography to my street work so I urge
03:49 you guys to work with the space that's
03:51 available to you hunt for those textures
03:53 find that perfect lighting and get
03:55 creative with your photography all right
03:57 thanks so much guys for watching I hope
03:59 you can take away some good tips just
04:00 remember the key fundamentals of
04:02 flat-leaf photography are your
04:03 composition lighting and balance of tone
04:05 and colors I can't wait to see what you
04:07 guys come up with just remember I share
04:09 all of your images using the hashtag
04:10 create your light so we can view
04:12 everything that you guys put up - Nikon pub spot 2020

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