Date de Sortie: 2020-06-22
video pub ONE Media THE BROKEN HEARTS GALLERY Official Trailer (2020) Selena Gomez Romantic Movie HD 2020 • THE BROKEN HEARTS GALLERY Official Trailer (2020) Selena Gomez Romantic Movie HD
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00:00 welcome to the broken heart gallery
00:02 [Music]
00:05 Lucy do you think you want to try
00:08 getting out of bed today
00:09 we're getting smell complaints from the
00:11 city have you just been masturbating and
00:13 braiding your hair for three weeks my
00:15 vibrator will never break my heart well
00:17 it will break your vagina Lucy listen
00:21 we're in completely different places you
00:23 need to get a grip he's with someone
00:24 else now how do you get over someone
00:27 what am i doing laughs silver Prius but
00:32 also I have had the worst night of my
00:34 life
00:34 this isn't a lift this is my car hello
00:37 I'm sorry
00:38 no I'll cancel you're not at all so who
00:41 are you my name is Nick okay good night
00:44 hey you can't have a good relationship
00:48 because you're constantly mourning the
00:50 old one you keep something from every
00:52 relationship at least get rid of the ex
00:53 memorabilia Lucy but also Nick you just
00:56 magically show up everywhere are you my
00:58 stalker
01:00 [Applause]
01:03 the car was just pregame this is where
01:05 you actually murder me I'm trying it
01:07 into a boutique hotel do you see this
01:10 time it's the only thing I have left
01:11 from my last relationship
01:13 why are you leave it here a nail
01:14 perfectly placed to look at that like
01:17 art in a gallery I can help with the
01:18 hotel in exchange for galleries right
01:20 course we could use the help you start
01:22 tomorrow
01:22 get us the coffee nothing with actual
01:24 dairy he gets really sensitive and it's
01:26 Tommy I hey Nick can I come in
01:31 how did you get in here your roommates
01:32 and we're sharing something and you are
01:37 not wearing any pants
01:39 bitches this map was here this morning
01:43 yep this is amazing there are broken
01:45 people out there like me people need to
01:47 let go and move on is this the brick
01:49 you're in the right place welcome I'm
01:51 ready to hand it over it has an odor
01:54 we're in business baby
01:57 love makes you do crazy stupid
02:00 irrational things
02:02 remember me what's this guy doing her
02:05 guys
02:09 welcome to the broken heart gallery
02:12 heartbreak is the loneliest feeling in
02:14 the world and the truth is it happens to
02:16 us all I think you should put your penis
02:18 in his vagina oh I should put my penis
02:23 in his vagina
02:37 you - ONE Media pub spot 2020

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