Date de Sortie: 2020-06-22
video pub Vogue Un voyage des sens | Journeys in Taste | Épisode 6 2020 • Découvrez le nouveau LC cabriolet à travers la passion culinaire de Michelle Bernstein.

00:01 Latin cuisine starts its foundation with
00:04 so freedom a good one will make all of
00:08 your dishes great a sofrito is passed
00:12 down from generation to generation we
00:15 all think that the sofa dethrone mothers
00:17 or grandmothers made was a perfect so
00:19 Filippo when mom taught me to cook
00:22 I learned her instinct but when she
00:26 passed I was so concerned that the
00:28 savour the flavour went with her my
00:40 sofrito is peppers onions chilies cumin
00:43 tomato saffron garlic cilantro we're
00:47 missing the cilantro guys
00:53 Miami is interesting because obviously
00:57 we're attached right we're in this
00:59 country but we're totally detached in
01:02 our culture and our food and our style
01:03 and our vibrancy there is Sen empanadas
01:08 from the foreign Pevensie does bananas
01:12 ASEAN Oh Patti Lido siempre mi abuela
01:18 that's what I'm about heavens we're
01:22 flirtatious in our culture we dressed
01:26 sexier than most we speak a language
01:28 unto ourselves we don't really have many
01:32 limits
01:36 I've got cilantro right over here
01:38 awesome what are you using it for it
01:41 sofrito I actually only use the stem
01:44 only the stamens of retour the sofrito
01:46 yeah why is that
01:47 to me they just pack more of a punch and
01:50 then of course you know we use the
01:52 leaves from the top my first chef job I
01:56 created this seafood stew served it to
01:59 my mother and she said it's not you so I
02:02 made herself lethal and I had the stems
02:04 of cilantro and I served it to her and
02:07 she cried and I knew I did something
02:09 right
02:14 so I want to thank you all first of all
02:16 for being here with me today this is
02:18 quite an honor I don't know if you all
02:19 know I graduated here I'm not gonna
02:22 count these but a long time ago do you
02:25 all know what's so funny though is is it
02:27 like a base for students no seeds in the
02:30 peppers please
02:31 for you my love give me a Birla's of
02:33 tomatoes whole garlic cloves are
02:36 perfectly fine you my love when you do a
02:39 brunoise
02:43 [Applause]
02:50 [Laughter]
02:56 so has anyone told you that you
02:59 shouldn't be a chef because you're a
03:02 woman yes well not because I was a woman
03:04 but because I probably didn't have the
03:06 stamina every person I've ever worked
03:10 with has told me not to do it and that I
03:13 couldn't do it that I was too delicate
03:14 luckily today I can say that a lot of
03:17 those people work for me now so it never
03:21 brought me down it only lifted me up you
03:24 never know where it's going to take you
03:26 get ready for the ride of your lives cuz
03:28 it's it's been a wonderful one for me
03:30 and I hope it'll even be better for you
03:32 all
03:34 I myself didn't think I would ever be
03:37 here I myself never thought I had the
03:39 strength emotionally or physically so
03:42 when I now look upon my career I giggle
03:46 you know and it's all because of mom
03:47 it's all because she made me fall in
03:49 love with that first bite of food makes
03:53 me very emotional
03:55 [Music]
04:16 [Music]
04:17 I didn't have the confidence in myself
04:20 when she left I was afraid to come back
04:24 I
04:24 [Music]
04:31 huh did you ever pick vegetables with
04:36 Grandma
04:37 corn corn is delicious we're go picking
04:41 along we're in Homestead don't sell make
04:45 Ganesha of carbon instead they so
04:48 important home stuff
04:50 would you like to go with me something
04:55 the sabor that's what I carry with me it
04:59 was the gift that she gave to me and now
05:02 through my hands
05:06 if you truly are a good chef you have to
05:11 be generous because you're sharing all
05:14 of yourself all of your recipes all of
05:16 your history all of your background all
05:18 your hard work it's about what you have
05:21 in your soul
05:26 you
05:28 [Music] - Vogue pub spot 2020

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