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video pub Movie Coverage RUN WITH THE HUNTED Trailer (2020) Ron Perlman, Thriller Movie 2020 • RUN WITH THE HUNTED Trailer (2020) Ron Perlman, Drama Movie
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00:06 all right that's just so that you know
00:09 this is a real gun that it's loaded you
00:13 know the truth somebody sure
00:32 I'm he just be wondering
00:35 what I have a place with people who look
00:39 out for me
00:45 Oscar this is my family of broken toys
00:48 what we provide here is an education a
00:52 way of life fit only for wolves they
00:59 treat me all right
01:00 yes sir man you got a load of people
01:02 after you you kill them man I'm sure you
01:06 had your reasons
01:07 look you did the right thing and that
01:10 girl she won't ever forget where you
01:12 defer you disappear on me right never I
01:17 promise you're in a way 15 years ago
01:25 name's Oscar grey we grew up together I
01:29 thought see if I can turn something up
01:31 make it disappear they got everything on
01:35 you pictures file
01:38 I took this yeah and it wouldn't kill
01:42 now we hope there
01:48 they're Sheila's the girl
01:51 we gotta go now
01:56 we gave you life
01:58 the community you invite to hand the
02:02 picture everyone here that value you're
02:05 a part of something
02:12 [Music]
02:18 [Music]
02:35 you - Movie Coverage pub spot 2020

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