Date de Sortie: 2020-05-20
video pub PlayStation The Last of Us Part II | Au cœur du gameplay - VOSTFR | Exclu PS4 2020 • The Last of Us Part II sera disponible le 19 juin exclusivement sur PS4.

L'équipe de Naughty Dog vous présente en détail le nouveau gameplay de The Last of Us Part II.

00:05 under here what the gameplay needs to do
00:08 is immerse you in the world give you as
00:12 many interesting actions to survive in
00:15 this world and overcome obstacles and
00:17 obstacles could be infected it could be
00:19 other people it could just be the
00:20 environment it could be rushing water
00:22 anything it could happen in this
00:24 post-apocalyptic world yeah but more
00:29 than anything it needs to put you in
00:30 Elly's shoes that you're experiencing
00:32 what I was experiencing and I can you
00:34 feel what she feels because the more we
00:36 do that the more the emotional beats of
00:38 the story work for us and the more they
00:40 work for us in this very unique way that
00:41 only works in video games
00:47 the gameplay philosophy of the last was
00:51 part 2 is putting you in the shoes of
00:54 Ellie and everything that that means it
00:57 means giving you a threat constantly as
01:02 this world has it means giving you the
01:05 hard choices because this game takes
01:07 place in such a hostile universe and our
01:09 characters are pushed to do really
01:12 difficult things we want to put you in
01:14 alignment with those choices we want you
01:15 to understand how hard certain decisions
01:18 were for these characters because
01:19 they're hard for you I would say the
01:25 overarching philosophy of how we
01:27 approached designing the game
01:30 mechanically is how can we take things
01:33 to the next next level
01:39 everything kind of comes out of this
01:42 story and how do we do it through
01:46 systems so one is you have to feel the
01:52 pressure of survival survive by the skin
01:56 of my teeth how do I use all these all
01:59 the scrap around me any kind of bullet
02:02 any kind of rag and you kind of bottle
02:05 of alcohol how do we give you that sense
02:07 of being a survivor in this world Ellie
02:18 is very small compared to Joel and more
02:20 nimble how do we make you feel like
02:24 you're not the strongest person in the
02:26 room but you still should be able to
02:28 rise to the challenge and survive you
02:31 know a fight with a bunch of people that
02:32 are all bigger than you so therefore it
02:37 meant creating a character and systems
02:39 and mechanics that allow you to be much
02:41 more nimble and that's where we added a
02:45 jump button and the first thing we had a
02:50 climber button not really jumping and
02:53 here Ellie can jump the combat sonars
02:56 are much more vertical well he can use
02:58 elevation to her advantage
03:01 prone is a huge huge one prone obviously
03:05 it means to lay flat on the ground
03:07 something so simple again something that
03:10 in real life you'd be able to do letting
03:13 the player have access to all their
03:14 weapons all the items crafting
03:17 everything while in that position and it
03:21 just creates so many more emergent
03:24 things in gameplay now that we have this
03:27 other state that the player can be in
03:29 which are very low to the ground how
03:31 else can we use this other than just
03:32 hiding and vegetation or like well
03:34 there's a lot of manmade things or
03:36 different structure that I've collapsed
03:39 that allow just enough space for you to
03:41 crawl under and which means that now as
03:43 enemies are looking for you can crawl
03:45 under things and hide and it's just one
03:47 more way to assess your environment and
03:49 use
03:50 to Ellie's advantage now because you can
03:52 hide them the things we gave the enemies
03:53 we made them smarter and gave them
03:55 ability to look under things so while
03:57 you might hide somewhere and be safe for
03:59 a while eventually they're gonna start
04:00 looking under stuff and if you're hiding
04:01 under a truck and they spot you they're
04:03 gonna yank you out and then try to kill
04:05 you dodging is a big one because now
04:19 with dodge anytime you're in a you're in
04:23 a scuffle you have a chance to get away
04:27 you have a chance to counter-attack it
04:30 let's escape be an option as well
04:32 sometimes you just got to run and that
04:35 is another part of this world which is
04:37 sometimes the threat is so overpowering
04:39 that you just have to get away when you
04:42 are partially hidden or you'd like your
04:44 ingress that means people from afar can
04:47 see but few of them closer can kind of
04:49 see you they will eventually acquire
04:51 you're not completely hidden when your
04:53 ingress and it makes you as a player
04:57 become much more aware of your
04:59 surroundings
05:00 jump prone dodge all these things feed
05:03 into both exploration and combat because
05:07 it lets us expand the space if the size
05:09 of spaces can be bigger the intricacy of
05:12 spaces can be more complex and it still
05:15 works exactly as you would expect so
05:17 when it came to our level design we
05:19 really wanted to challenge ourselves to
05:21 make a world that really felt like a
05:24 real space as much as we possibly could
05:26 and didn't feel like a series of combat
05:30 encounters and exploration spaces and
05:32 combat encounters that felt like a Hall
05:34 of Horrors or something but something
05:36 that really felt like a space that you
05:38 could explore that seemed like a
05:39 legitimate urban environment and that
05:42 pushed us to make our level design even
05:46 more open than it was in the first game
05:48 which for us at the time was was pretty
05:51 open in this game we've gone so far in
05:53 making the level design open that there
05:57 are actually entire story moments entire
06:01 combat encounters like full scripted
06:03 sequences that you may completely miss
06:05 and there are things that we feel like
06:07 even though a portion of our player base
06:10 may never see these things the fact that
06:13 when you do encounter them you feel like
06:15 you discovered them it lends them this
06:18 charm and this magic that I think is
06:19 unique to games that you know this this
06:21 happened to me because of what I did and
06:23 work the place I explored too
06:28 crafting is very much about a payoff to
06:32 exploration meaning that when you enter
06:34 new spaces you want to look around for
06:36 supplies you want to open drawers and
06:38 cabinets and look for different things
06:42 that will allow you to craft either
06:45 items that can help you heal items that
06:48 can help you attack multiple enemies at
06:49 once such as the Molotov or the landmine
06:53 that Lincoln craft items that can help
06:56 augment your weapons like a silencer for
06:58 her pistol or craft new kinds of ammo it
07:04 also gives us tons of interesting
07:06 gameplay choices and overlaps that you
07:08 can do at any moment and on the fly we
07:11 try to be a game that wants you to make
07:14 a lot of different decisions in combat
07:15 as possible and the way that we've
07:17 expanded the recipe roster and all of
07:22 the recipes and how they interact with
07:23 each other is carefully chosen for the
07:25 different ingredients and making sure
07:27 that you always have these interesting
07:28 decisions to make we put a much stronger
07:32 emphasis on the importance of the
07:34 choices you make in the long term for
07:36 your character you'll be useful through
07:41 the weapon upgrade system through the
07:42 player upgrade system there aren't
07:45 enough resources and a single
07:46 playthrough to fully upgrade your
07:47 character the choices that you make
07:51 you're gonna have to live with and we
07:53 wanted to make sure that all of the
07:55 choices that you made had a really
07:57 noticeable and tangible effect on the
08:00 way that you play
08:02 [Music]
08:07 you feel a greater kinship with Ellie
08:11 because you are living with decisions
08:13 that you've already made like you you
08:15 are continuing this through line of her
08:18 journey through this world and the
08:20 moment-to-moment gameplay is influenced
08:23 by that in a way that we haven't before
08:24 the realization that your choices have
08:28 these long-term consequences is very
08:30 much like the nature of the narrative of
08:32 the game and I'm happy that the
08:36 mechanics are supporting that
08:39 [Music]
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