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video pub Movieclips Trailers The King of Staten Island Featurette - Who is Pete? (2020) 2020 •
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US Home Release Date: June 12, 2020
Starring: Pete Davidson, Marisa Tomei
Directed By: Judd Apatow
Synopsis: A burnout is stuck living with his mom in Staten Island, N.Y.

00:00 we'll never understand Pete but this
00:02 will definitely like hell speaking of
00:05 the star of the show who's bringing that
00:07 energy today it's it's doing a good job
00:13 getting ready for his career working at
00:14 a car wash I don't clean this thing
00:16 anyway is just gonna get fire on it when
00:19 you see someone like Pete you know
00:21 there's a lot going on can you really
00:23 don't know what it is I think that
00:24 people are interested in his struggle
00:27 they want to know how are you doing you
00:29 know what would happen to you the
00:30 kingdom Staten Island is an opportunity
00:32 to repeat to tell you about himself and
00:34 to tell you about his feelings and his
00:35 journey
00:36 what is that date that's the date my dad
00:39 died Oh Pete is from Staten Island his
00:43 father was a fireman who lost his life
00:46 on 9/11 and it was really so hard for
00:50 him to recover and I would even say it's
00:53 just been recently that he's finds in
00:55 his way and being okay I think it's very
00:58 fortunate that a me is his mother she's
01:00 behind him all the way God takes a lot
01:02 of energy to keep up with Minnie he's
01:04 been to the mill your dark sense of
01:06 humor doesn't work for me I find it
01:08 funny one of the first conversations we
01:09 had was how autobiographical should the
01:12 king of Staten Island be we decided that
01:14 it could be completely fictional but
01:16 it's an imagining of what Pete's life
01:18 would have been if he didn't find comedy
01:21 any dreams of being a tattoo artist but
01:23 what are you gonna do are you gonna get
01:25 a job or are you gonna leave the house
01:26 I'm gonna open that tattoo restaurant no
01:29 like for real it's never been done
01:31 before I looked it up the movie is like
01:33 my love letter to my mom and trying to
01:36 end that part of my life I feel like
01:38 maybe we got to a place where we could
01:40 finally let go a little bit I think this
01:42 movie is stirred up a lot of emotions
01:44 for him though like both good and bad
01:45 but I think it'll be a therapeutic
01:48 about things that are very real to Pete
01:50 and there are a lot of real participants
01:53 at Bob Johnson Tino works with Pete's
01:55 dad after games Poulsen ricky is its
01:59 best friend it's other best friend dave
02:01 wrote the movie with us i really wanted
02:03 all the people and it to crush more than
02:06 anything we got to put them in a place
02:08 where they could hit homeruns and they
02:09 all did it's just so cool to watch this
02:12 story finally come alive and watch Pete
02:14 take something that's so vulnerable I
02:15 think a lot of people don't understand
02:17 Pete and this is a nice little like look
02:19 into his life something's really cool
02:21 about someone like admitting to
02:22 themselves all the faults and all the
02:25 realities of like how they got to where
02:26 they're at I'm even curious it just like
02:28 get to know someone I feel like I know
02:30 so well more by watching this movie did
02:33 you happen to get a chance to take a
02:34 look at the how'd you like that so Ross
02:37 14 you know it's a really beautiful
02:38 thing to share something that's this
02:40 hard with other people it's it's a real
02:43 gift and I'm sure like loads of young
02:45 people are going to relate to this
02:48 someone - scared to take a leap to like
02:50 do anything with their life he was
02:51 hindered by mental health and has trauma
02:54 and I just think it's really amazing
02:55 that he's kind of laying that all out to
02:58 bear I'm just hoping you enjoy the movie
02:59 and that you could relate to it in a
03:02 certain way
03:05 like everybody's always disappointed to
03:07 me you're one of the few people who
03:09 treat me you know like a person you're
03:10 welcome
03:11 hopefully it's all been a really
03:12 positive life-changing type of
03:14 experience for him
03:16 hey guys have fun
03:19 it's what we do we make movies
03:22 [Music]
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