Date de Sortie: 2020-05-05
video pub Movieclips Trailers What to Watch: The Lodge, Gretel & Hansel | Weekly Ticket 2020 • Check out newly announced release dates, which movies are coming to home video this week, and recommendations from your host Khail Anonymous and Screen Junkies contributor and YouTuber Roxy Striar in this new episode of 'Weekly Ticket'!

00:00 it's not what you did son it's who you
00:03 did it to nobody but nobody is jungbaek
00:20 welcome to your weekly ticket
00:22 work-from-home edition I'm just trying
00:24 out hats at this point I don't know what
00:26 to do with my hair anymore Lionsgate
00:30 continues to shift its upcoming film
00:33 schedule the fourth installment of the
00:35 John wick franchise John wick four has
00:37 moved a year later from its May 21st
00:40 2021 release to May 27th 2022 that means
00:45 no Keanu Day remember it was supposed to
00:48 come out on the same day as the matrix
00:49 oh well one kyon whole year and now
00:53 taking over the previous John wick for
00:55 release date is the Chris Rock samuel
00:57 l.jackson horror film spiral the saw
01:00 reboot is now expected to hit theaters
01:02 on May 21st 2021 also the new
01:05 live-action Transformers film now has a
01:07 release date Paramount Pictures has
01:09 announced the film will open in theaters
01:11 on June 24 2022 and animated
01:14 transformers prequel is also in the
01:16 works from Oscar winner Josh Cooley who
01:19 wrote and directed Toy Story for the
01:21 animated film is said to be a prequel to
01:24 the live-action Transformers movies and
01:26 will further explore the origin story as
01:28 well as the relationship between Optimus
01:31 Prime and Megatron ah a live-action
01:34 remake of Hercules is in development at
01:37 Disney Joe and Anthony Russo the
01:39 filmmakers behind the Avengers endgame
01:42 and infinity war are set to produce it
01:44 and while no other details are available
01:47 at this time plenty of you had a lot to
01:50 say about casting on Twitter let's see
01:53 what you got some flicks Werfel 6 says
01:57 I'm still very much into the idea of
01:59 Johnny Depp playing Hades in the
02:01 Hercules remake yeah he likes wearing
02:03 prosthetics though I throw some
02:05 prosthetics on him and you're good to go
02:07 hopeless moon tweets please let ariana
02:09 play the role of Megara in the hercules
02:11 live-action movie Angel itch tweets hey
02:17 Russo brothers I found your Hercules for
02:19 their Hercules live action and they've
02:22 got a photo of Tom Holland alright first
02:24 off who would you cast in the Hercules
02:27 live-action film and secondly we can all
02:31 agree that they need to get Danny DeVito
02:32 to return
02:33 as Phil right like who else come on so
02:40 by now maybe you're running out of
02:41 things to watch and you're looking for
02:43 some recommendations well I've got great
02:46 news because I have a very special guest
02:48 today screen junkies own Roxie stryer
02:51 with a recommendation Roxie what do you
02:53 got so this is a recommendation that I
02:56 feel honored to give because I am about
02:59 to make your guys quarantine complete
03:01 your viewing experience will be complete
03:03 because this is the best movie that I
03:05 saw last year but it was also the most
03:07 underrated movie that people just simply
03:11 didn't go see and that is the peanut
03:13 butter Falcon it did get some buzz
03:15 around Oscar time especially with Shia
03:18 LaBeouf and Zack got sagen actually
03:20 presenting an award but this movie is
03:22 more than worth your time it's got so
03:25 much heart and soul to it and especially
03:27 in a time where none of us can go on a
03:28 journey it's about a guy who is trying
03:31 to break free to go on a journey and is
03:34 able to do so it's so beautiful Tyler
03:37 Nelson and Michael Schwartz who direct
03:39 and co-wrote it together are going to be
03:42 people to look out for I'm telling you
03:44 that their names are names that you want
03:46 to remember because they write something
03:47 unique it's different and in a time
03:49 where we have so many movies that hit
03:51 the same beats I never knew it was gonna
03:52 happen next if you're a wrestling fan as
03:55 well mick foley jake the snake' some
03:57 great great cameos and bruce dern isn't
04:00 it and he elevates everything so the
04:02 peanut butter Falcon I'm telling you
04:04 this movie is worth your time oh my god
04:07 such a high recommendation incredible
04:10 but I want to hear from you Carol what
04:12 is your recommendation easy
04:13 recommendation is John wick because you
04:16 can watch it for free listen if you
04:20 haven't seen John wick now is your
04:22 chance if you have seen John wick hey we
04:25 get to watch John wick again for free
04:26 because right now Lionsgate is going to
04:29 be streaming it live in conjunction with
04:31 Fandango it's gonna be on the movieclips
04:33 youtube channel at 6 p.m. on Friday you
04:38 can join a bunch of people watching it
04:40 live if you don't know what John wick is
04:42 about it was about a man who loses
04:43 everything and seeks revenge
04:47 in just the most brutal and amazing ways
04:49 it has Keanu Reeves as John wick he did
04:53 so many of his own stunts it's such an
04:55 impressive watch and there's three of
04:58 them currently so if you love John wick
05:01 one you've got more VIP movies to watch
05:03 during the quarantine so you're speaking
05:05 my language I am obsessed with John wick
05:09 and there is no better word in the
05:12 English language than free so when you
05:14 combine John wick and free you a hundred
05:17 percent have this guy alright well thank
05:18 you so much Roxy make sure to check out
05:20 her YouTube channel that just had a
05:23 momentous celebration right 20,000
05:27 subscribers she's really doing it baby's
05:29 first YouTube channel so check it out
05:32 slash Roxy's drier blankie
05:35 thank you simple thank you for having me
05:37 kale available to watch at home today is
05:42 the lodge how would you feel about going
05:44 to the mountains for Christmas with
05:47 grace she really wants to get to know
05:49 you guys during a family retreat to a
05:53 remote winter cabin over the holidays a
05:55 father is forced to abruptly to perper
05:57 work leaving his two children in the
05:59 care of his new girlfriend grace
06:00 isolated and alone
06:02 a blizzard traps them inside the lodge
06:04 as terrifying events some inspectors
06:07 from Grace's dark past also available to
06:10 watch on Fandango now is Gretel and
06:13 Hansel
06:19 tell the fairy tale again it's too scary
06:22 you know start seeing things that aren't
06:24 there when their mother descends into
06:27 madness siblings Gretel and Hansel must
06:30 fend for themselves in the dark and
06:32 unforgiving woods hungry and scared they
06:35 stumble upon a bounty of food left
06:37 outside of an isolated home once they're
06:40 invited inside by the seemingly friendly
06:42 owner the children soon suspect that her
06:45 generous but mysterious behavior is part
06:48 of a sinister plan to do them harm
06:50 Gretel and Hansel is the third film from
06:52 director oz Perkins whose previous works
06:55 include the black coats daughter and I'm
06:57 the pretty thing that lives in the house
06:59 all right well that is it for today let
07:02 us know what you'll be watching or if
07:03 you'll be watching the lodge or Gretel
07:05 and Hansel I'm Kayla nonnamous and I'll
07:08 see you next week
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